Hampton Roads Homeopathy Club

  • 6:00 pm (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima on Mondays
  • Starts July 26, 2021
  • Virtual
  • 10 Enrolled Participants

I'm so excited to lead this Book Club Class! You may have seen friends and people like me fall in LOVE with this wonderful system of medicine. It is so rewarding to learn the basics and see your family's health options transform before your eyes. In my book club class, you'll learn a bit about homeopathy history, about how homeopathy works, and about the top 19 homeopathic remedies. This is a groundbreaking book-club program that is a primer for adults. I hope you'll join me and I can't wait to start!

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Taught By:

Ildiko Baugus


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Enrollment Cost

$20 / student + Cost of Materials

To cover materials, supplies, and the leader's time, the cost is $20 / student.

Class Format

  • Virtual

  • 6:00 pm on Mondays

Important Deadlines

Registration is open NOW and the deadline to register is July 25, 2021 in order to give you enough time to get your materials in the mail. Our first day of class is July 26, 2021.

Book Club Materials

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Book Club Handbook - Physical Copy (Required)
Access to Online Book Club Area Included (with 40+ videos)
Access to Audiobook of Handbook (digital streaming) Included
Access to Graduation Gift Included
$ 54
Evie and the Secret of Small Things Storybook
You'll need the Evie and the Secret of Small Things Storybook, which you can buy in physical, CD, or digital streaming format.

Storybook - (Physical Book Version)

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Storybook - Audiobook (CD Version)

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Family Homeopathy Journal (Optional but recommended)
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Evie & the Secret of Small Things Storybook

About the Book Club

Class Schedule

I will be continuing to hold classes as needed every 9 weeks (8 weeks of classes and then one week off).


What is the class schedule?
We are meeting Mondays at 6:00 pm. Please see the above section ‘Class Time, schedule & location’ for a list of dates and times.

Who can participate?
Any adults who wish to learn more about homeopathy!

Will there be homework?
Yes, there will be weekly reading assignments and some other fun activities that you can do as a family.

What curriculum will you be using to teach this class?
I will be using Paola Brown’s Book Club Program: Evie and the Secret of Small Things—A Homeopathy Primer for Adults. This program is part of Paola’s Teach Me Health and Homeopathy curriculum which has been endorsed by the Academy of Homeopathy Education. This program goes a bit deeper than the curriculum that is designed for kids grades 1-12.

Unit 1: The Terrain is Everything
This first unit is designed to “prime the pump” (or in this case, the mind) around the principles that govern homeopathy. Students meet the father of terrain theory, Antoine Béchamp, and the father of the theory of suppression, Louis Pasteur. These concepts prepare students to understand the powerful lessons about homeopathy.

Unit 2: Unlocking Homeopathy
Once the groundwork has been laid in Unit 1, Unit 2 introduces students to the basic precepts of homeopathic medicine. It covers the history of homeopathy by introducing Samuel Hahnemann, discusses the dangers of suppressing disease, and helps students think critically about various treatments found in conventional medicine. This unit also introduces students to a central book in homeopathic medicine, the Materia medica. We also touch on the idea that homeopathic remedies can be made from various existing substances. You will also get some great tips about best practices when working with a homeopath, and finally, if you have The Family Homeopathy Journal, you will go over 'timelines' and how it helps you understand the big picture when it comes to your or a family member's health journey.

Unit 3: The Laws of Homeopathy
You will learn more about the source materials that make up homeopathic medicines. You will also think about what it means to prove a homeopathic remedy, how you can avoid it, and what you can do if you have proven one. One of the exciting parts of this lesson is learning about what a homeopathic repertory is and how it works (generally speaking). You will even go through a simple acute case, using a repertory. If you have The Family Homeopathy Journal, you will go over the special index in the back of the book where you can take alphabetized notes--from remedies, to keynotes, and more!

Unit 4: Homeopathic Medicines for Accidents
In Unit 4 you learn about the keynotes to 19 different homeopathic remedies. You even get to study about each remedy via the video library in the Online Book Club Area. These videos feature interviews with two incredible homeopaths: Annie Batchelor (RSHom) and Christophe Merville--Director of Education and Pharmacy Development at Boiron, USA. You also continue to practice some more acute case-taking by going through some more illnesses. Oh! And you get to learn about fantastic homeopathy books that should be part of any budding homeopath's library. If you have The Family Homeopathy Journal, in this unit, you get to look at where you can keep track of the homeopathy