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Two Exciting Events!


8 Week
Book Club

with Paola Brown


Momeopath Retreat

Live In New Waverly, Texas
(N. of Houston)

Book Club Registration Closes Sept 21


Let's work through a homeopathy book club together!

Join me live online, in-person, or both.

Are you new to homeopathy? Have you just dipped your first toe into the massive waters that is homeopathy and feel overwhelmed? Or are you looking for the perfect way to introduce your besties to it? There are two exciting ways to get involved in this book club. Join us for the online book club, the momeopath retreat, or both! Bring your newbie homeopathy friends along for the ride! This is not just for moms! Anyone can attend!

Both: Book Club and Retreat!

Register for both by Sept 21 to get early bird pricing!

The best of both worlds: The best learning comes from camaraderie and learning together with friends! When you join my live book club, you’ll be able to learn about keeping your family naturally healthy and well informed. Then, when it’s all said and done, you’ll get to meet everyone at the retreat!



8 Week Book Club With Paola Brown

Registration Ends Sept 21.

For the first time ever, I’m leading all 8-weeks of my Book Club Program. Join the weekly conversations as we demystify homeopathy! For the final class session, I will be offering a face-to-face Momeopath Retreat in Texas. Of course, for those who can’t attend in person, a recording of the final class will be provided.

Classes 1 & 2: Access recordings immediately!
Classes 3-7: Every Wednesday at 8 pm E/7 pm C starting October 6.
Class 8: Live in Texas Nov 12-13 (will be recorded and uploaded for those who can't attend in-person).


Momeopath Retreat in Texas

Event takes place Nov 12-13. Early bird pricing ends Sept 21.

Don’t you wish you could just get together with a bunch of other moms like you, and get started with homeopathy, where you can ask every.single.question and get answers directly from certified homeopaths and more seasoned momeopaths? 



ALL recorded classes remain available through Jan 5, 2022.
Note: By registering to Momeopath Retreat in Texas, event, you hereby give permission for Paola Brown, LLC to capture photos/videos of you during the Momeopath Retreat in TX to be used solely for the purposes of Paola Brown, LLC for promotional material and publications, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.​

Two Exciting Opportunities

Join one or both

1. 8-Week Book Club Led by Paola

What is the book club program?

In 8-classes, and using my Book Club Handbook as a guide, we’ll read through my novel, Evie and the Secret of Small Things. Through this novel you will discover homeopathy foundations right along with Evie and her grandma, Annette. 

Together with Paola, this Book Club will create the perfect space for you and your friends to learn about some of the most fundamental homeopathy concepts. 

If you’re already a seasoned Momeopath, remember that reviewing the basics always strengthens your foundation. Also, some of you aren’t sure how to teach homeopathy to your kids. This 8-week book club will equip you to share your love of homeopathy in an educational way with your whole family!


2. The Momeopath Retreat in Texas

What is the book club program?

Hey Ladies and Mamas, let’s part-aaay! Are you ready to ditch being overwhelmed when learning homeopathy? Are you wanting to be well informed so you can help your family stay healthy, naturally-and also know when to call a certified homeopath for back up help? Do you want to learn some homeopathy basics while not necessarily looking to become a professional homeopath? Or maybe you’re super into homeopathy, but aren’t sure how to teach it to your kids?

There’s a lot of information out there and it’s important to know you are getting a good foundation to start your homeopathy journey. That’s why I created this homeopathy Book Club Class!

What if you’re already a seasoned Momeopath? Well, reviewing the basics always strengthens your foundation. 


Register for Both

To recap: When you join both the online book club and the in-person Texas event, you get to join us for 2 recorded book club sessions and 5 live sessions, (so we can all get to know each other) and 1 fabulous in-person book club party to finish off the event! ALL recorded classes remain available through Jan 5, 2022.

Joining the Book Club

online for 8 weeks


Watch right away after you register! These have already been recorded for you and will be emailed to you immediately why you register!


Paola will teach these classes LIVE on Wednesdays at 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central starting October 6. 



In-person Momeopath Retreat! Attending this retreat is optional as it will be recorded and posted for those who can’t attend in Texas.

ALL recorded classes remain available through Jan 5, 2022.

Book Club Program Overview

Below is a general overview on each of the 8 classes covered in this Book Club Program

Class 1: The Terrain is Everything

Evie and the Secret of Small Things, Unit 1: Parts 1-4
In the first class, we cover a lot of ground...be sure to do the assigned reading BEFORE you come to class! In Class 1, you learn about Antoine Béchamp and his terrain theory as well as Louis Pasteur and his germ theory. You also get introduced to the concept that conventional drugs suppress illness and drive it deeper into your body. Finally, you also learn about the value of a healing fever.

Class 2: Meet the Father of Homeopathy

Evie and the Secret of Small Things, Unit 2: Parts 1-2
Once the groundwork has been laid in Class 1, Class 2 introduces you to the basic precepts of homeopathic medicine. It covers the history of homeopathy by introducing Samuel Hahnemann and you delve deeper into the dangers of suppressing disease. It also helps you think critically about various treatments found in conventional medicine. In addition, this class introduces you to a central book in homeopathic medicine, the materia medica.

Class 3: Homeopathy & Provings

Evie and the Secret of Small Things, Unit 2: Part 3
& Unit 3: Part 1

In Class 3, you will learn more about the source materials that make up homeopathic medicines. You will also think about what it means to prove a homeopathic remedy, how you can avoid it, and what you can do if you have proven one. One of the exciting parts of this lesson is learning about what a homeopathic repertory is and how it works (generally speaking).

Class 4: Taking the Case

Evie and the Secret of Small Things, Unit 3: Part 2
In this next class, you will dip your toe in the concept of nano particles and homeopathy. As part of this discussion, you will watch some amazing videos that look at the similarity between nano materials and homeopathy. You will also learn a bit about what it means to take an acute homeopathy case, and about how you can select your own homeopath!

Class 5: Learning Homeopathic Remedies

Evie and the Secret of Small Things, Unit 4: Parts 1-2
Class 5 is great because you finally start learning about various homeopathy remedies: Allium cepa, Nat mur, Arnica montana, Rhus tox, Bryonia alba, and Silicea. You even get to study about each remedy via the video library in the Online Book Club Area. These videos feature interviews with two incredible homeopaths: Annie Batchelor (RSHom) and Christophe Merville--Director of Education and Pharmacy Development at Boiron USA. You also continue to practice some more acute case-taking by going through some more illnesses.

Class 6: Many More Homeopathic Remedies

Evie and the Secret of Small Things, Unit 4: Parts 3-4
In Class 6, you keep growing your knowledge about individual homeopathic remedies with Annie Batchelor (RSHom) and Christophe Merville from Boiron! You will study Symphytum, Ledum, Apis, Arsenicum, and Nux vomica. As in Class 5, you will have access to full-length videos that cover each of these remedies, or you can opt to study the shorter 'quick remedy videos' to save on time. Like before, you get to try your hand at solving more homeopathy cases.

Class 7: More Lessons from the Kit

Evie and the Secret of Small Things, Unit 4: Parts 5-6
In Class 7, you continue studying individual homeopathic remedies, including Cantharis, Causticum, and Urtica urens. You will have more opportunities to practice taking cases, and you will also access videos about each remedy!

Class 8: A Few More Remedies & Review

Evie and the Secret of Small Things, Unit 4: Parts 7-9
Next on the list of remedies you're learning is Hypericum, Staphysagria, Belladonna, Carbo veg, Aconitum napellus (or Aconite for short). As before, you will access lesson videos for each remedy, and you get to practice taking more cases.

In-Person Momeopath Retreat

Join us for class 8 in texas!

Itinerary for the retreat

Early Bird Pricing Ends September 21st!

While Book Club participants will find this entire event particularly awesome, you’re welcome to bring friends who are newbies to the world of homeopathy. For you and them, we will host a great intro class on Friday evening! But it’s more than just an intro class!

Friday Night -

Saturday -

Event FAQ's

Friday Nov. 12 starting at 6:30pm Central & Saturday Nov. 13 starting at 9am Central

Paola has a FB group called “Teach Kids Homeopathy with Paola Brown.” Please answer the questions to join that group. Once you’re in there, start a discussion thread (if there isn’t one already). 

If you are not driving to the event, we recommend that you rent a vehicle ahead of time as the drive from the airport to your lodging/hotel is approximately one hour and your drive from your lodging/hotel to the farm will be about 30 minutes depending on traffic. It doesn’t make sense to rely on Uber/Lyft when you have that much driving to do. 

North of Houston in New Waverly, TX on Bee Sweet Milk & Honey Farm

There will be gluten-friendly options. If you need further accommodations, please plan on bringing your own food. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday night – Intro to Homeopathy Class 6:30 pm 

While Book Club participants will find this entire event particularly awesome, you’re welcome to bring friends who are newbies to the world of homeopathy. For you and them, we will host a great intro class on Friday evening! But it’s more than just an intro class!

  • Before event: Dinner on your own
  • 6:30- Hors d’oeuvres + Welcome, Hello, & Meet your retreat friends 
  • 7:00- Homeopathy Heroes Game + Prizes
  • 7:30- Intro to homeopathy class with Paola (bring your homeopathy newbie friends!)
  • 9:00- Q & A with Paola + Panel of Momeopaths

Saturday morning – Book Club Class #8 – 9:00 am

  • 9:00- Book Club Class #8 with Paola + 3 local homeopaths (will be recorded for Book Club participants who can’t attend in person)
  • 10:30- Brunch
  • 11:15- Small Group Momeopath Acute Case Practice with Local Homeopaths
  • 12:30- Grand Prizes (Raffles), + Paola’s cheese, + local mead, and local kombucha tasting
  • 1:15-2pm- Bonus class with Sue Meyer, ND, CCH. Details coming soon!
  • Optional: After all this partying, you may need some Nux vomica :). Ha. 

We are so excited to have certified homeopaths participating in this event, helping deliver the information.

  • Sue Meyer, CCH (also teaching an afternoon class)
  • Marion Booker, CCH
  • Maureen Hanson, CCH
  • Keely Alexander, CCH of Vibeful Homeopathy
  • Kat Peterson, CCH of the Austin Clinic of Homeopathy
  • Noel Peterson, CCH Austin Clinic of Homeopathy

New Waverly–where the farm is  located–is 1 hour North from Bush Intercontinental Airport without traffic. 

Because this is a small event, we can recommend a few hotels that have good accomodations, but there is no event discount being offered. Keep in mind that the farm is in the small town of New Waverly, and your hotels will be about 20 minutes away from the farm.

We recommend that you stay in either Conroe, TX or Montgomery, TX because it’s about 20 minutes away from the Woodlands, TX (which boasts a great real-food scene) and is near to the farm.

There are lots of great places to eat. Some great restaurants that offer real food are listed below: 

New Waverly:


This is a retreat especially for women, moms, adults and nursing babies. 

Dress Casual. In November, Houston has a high of 73°F and a low of 52°F, so bring a light jacket. This event is being held inside an old, cozy barn. We will be under a roof but out in the open air. 

All sales are non-refundable. If the event is canceled, all purchases will be refunded in full.

What will we be doing at the retreat?

Includes 8 lessons priming adults for homeopathy

Lesson #8 from Book Club!

Discuss the final lesson from Paola's Book Club Class (if you don’t attend the retreat in person, Book Club participants will get to watch a recording). ALL recorded classes remain available through Jan 5, 2022.

Meet & learn from certified homeopaths

Rub elbows with certified homeopaths!

Learn more homeopathy principles from certified homeopaths with workshops and group Q&A.


Practice Makes Perfect!

In groups, you will practice selecting remedies for some of the most common acute conditions your family may face!


Play Homeopathy Games!

Say what?! The best way to learn is to sometimes play! You know that you've gotta be there in order to win prizes!

Homeopath 150x150 (1)

Bring the fun home!

Learn how to run your own Book Club Class at home with your friends!


Yummy Food!

Eat ah-mazing food: cheddar cheese made by Paola herself, local kombucha, and some other fun treats!

Meet the Homeopaths Attending the Event!

We will have a small-group session during the event where you will get to try your hand at some simple, basic acute case-taking, using various pre-written scenarios. Meet the homeopaths you’ll be huddling with!

Sue Meyer, ND, CCH

Sue Meyer ND CCH is a wife and home school mother of eleven. She and her husband, Ron, currently have 33 grandchildren, whom they dearly enjoy spending time with on a regular basis. She spends most of her free time in the study of Natural Medicine with her main focus being on Proper Nutrition, Essential Oils and Classical Homeopathy. She has earned a Diploma in Naturopathy but focuses mainly on the curative powers of Homeopathy. Sue is a Certified Classical Homeopath through the Council of Homeopathic Certification and is certified in CEASE Therapy.

Kat Peterson, CCH

Katharina (“Kat”) Peterson, CCH is a board-certified classical homeopath specializing in women and children’s health. Kat first entered into homeopathy as a concerned mother for her own children’s welfare. After discovering the profound healing effects she subsequently enrolled into a professional homeopathic training program to help make a difference in other people’s lives. Kat lives with her husband and three boys in the Austin, Texas area.

Keely Alexandar, PDHom CCH

Keely is a mother of two with a part-time virtual practice based in Austin, Texas. She graduated from Misha Norland’s School of Homeopathy in the UK. The school is ACHENA-approved and offers a rigorous 4-year program to earn a Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy (PDHom). Recently she passed the Council for Homeopathic Certification exam to become a certified classical homeopath (CCH). In her day job, she works on websites as a User Experience Content Strategist and her husband is the stay-at-home parent who always has acute remedies at the ready.

Marian Booker, DipHom ACH, PG Hom.

Marian Booker, DipHom ACH; PG Hom. Marian Booker, DipHom, is a homeopath and craniosacral therapist in practice in Texas. She is a graduate and post graduate of Allen College of Homoeopathy. She continues to study with Allen College of Homeopathy in Chelmsford, England.

Maureen Hansen, CCH

Maureen Hanson has been using homeopathic medicines since 1989 when she was searching for answers for her children’s health issues. After raising her 7 children using homeopathy as her main method for their health care, she went back to school in 2018 to learn from George Vithoulkas at International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. She has been a member of The Texas Society of Homeopathy since 1997 and has been a board member and has held several leadership positions, aMending the annual conference almost every year and assisting to plan the conferences

Noel Peterson, CCH, RSHom(NA), MBA

Noel Peterson, CCH, RSHom (NA), MBA practices full-time in the Austin, Texas area and surrounding communities. He is a faculty member for the Prometheus Homeopathic Institute. He has previously served on the Executive Board for the Council for Homeopathic Certification and the Minnesota Homeopathic Association. He is a published author, featured speaker, and and community activist for homeopathy. You can learn more about him and his practice by visiting http://www.austinclinicofhomeopathy.com

+ Others

Depending on the number of registrants, it's possible that we'll be able to get more homeopaths at the event!

Early Bird Pricing for the Retreat
& Book Club Registration Ends
September 21st!

You can sign up for the Book Club and not attend the retreat. It’s just a super fun event for those who are looking to get together! Class #8 will be recorded and posted for those who can’t attend the in-person event.

ALL recorded classes remain available through Jan 5, 2022.

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