First Aid Homeopathy

When I first started learning about homeopathy, my head would spin with all of the information I felt like I needed to know. It felt like I would never feel comfortable or confident enough to use it for myself and my family. But as I began my journey, I experienced a few minor accidents and […]

Back to the Basics

Today, I wanted to talk about the whys behind homeopathy, and how I got here. I know that there are a lot of people out there who think homeopathy is synonymous with herbs or natural medicine, but it’s quite different! (In a recent instagram reel, I share my thoughts on people confusing homeopathy with essential […]

When the Risks Don’t Seem that Risky

Summary: Modern day marketing and packaging are designed to make it hard to recognize the risks associated with pharmaceutical drugs. I often come across parents concerned about recognizing these risks themselves, as well as teaching their children to recognize risks. This is why I include a discussion about the side effects of drugs AND  a […]

A Christian’s Perspective on Homeopathy

Summary: Homeopathy is used by many people from all over the world who come from many different walks of life. Because I am a Christian, over the years, I have had many other Christians ask me if homeopathy is a medicine that believers should use, but recently, the number of questions have increased. I can […]

New Year New Gut

A new year is a great time to establish new health goals. Before doing so, it’s a good practice to assess honestly where you’re at and what areas of your health you want to focus on. I recently shared in my stories my startling experience in church recently where I spoke with three women, ALL […]

Hering’s Law: How We Heal

One of the gems of homeopathy is that it is a healing modality based on a deep understanding of the healing process. When we truly understand the process of returning to health, we aren’t daunted by the stages of healing. Homeopaths are trained to identify certain markers of healing that help them track their patient’s […]

What does Materia Medica, Vital Force & Other Homeopathy Lingo mean?

Materia medica, proving, repertory, vital force, Polycrest…It’s easy to get flummoxed by the homeopathy lexicon. Trust me, I’ve been there too! Don’t worry, though—I’ll explain the important terms to know in this blog so you can get your bearings.  Choosing to study a complete subject like homeopathy can feel doubly overwhelming when you’re struggling to […]

What is Biocide? And do “Natural Antibiotics” actually help?

natural antibiotic

“Biocides” is likely a term you’ve heard before referring to “natural antibiotics.” Biocides are a term that refers to these substances such as essential oils, colloidal silver and even some herbs used with the intention of killing bacteria or fighting an infection. Are they natural? Yes. But just because they are natural, it is still […]