What does Materia Medica, Vital Force & Other Homeopathy Lingo mean?

Materia medica, proving, repertory, vital force, Polycrest…It’s easy to get flummoxed by the homeopathy lexicon. Trust me, I’ve been there too! Don’t worry, though—I’ll explain the important terms to know in this blog so you can get your bearings.  Choosing to study a complete subject like homeopathy can feel doubly overwhelming when you’re struggling to […]

What is Biocide? And do “Natural Antibiotics” actually help?

natural antibiotic

“Biocides” is likely a term you’ve heard before referring to “natural antibiotics.” Biocides are a term that refers to these substances such as essential oils, colloidal silver and even some herbs used with the intention of killing bacteria or fighting an infection. Are they natural? Yes. But just because they are natural, it is still […]

Where Homeopathy Fails: Why We Can’t Replace Aspirin with Arnica

I love homeopathy. But let’s talk about replacing aspirin with Arnica, and where homeopathy fails. Anyone with even an inkling of an interest in health and wellness will find out soon enough that it is a big business, shrouded in “get healthy quick” fads and advertisements featuring top athletes and super models that glorify all […]

Isn’t Pasteurization good?

Remember first learning about Louis Pasteur and being so thankful to learn about Germ Theory and how we could kill all the nasty germs by hand washing and using antibiotics? It seems so logical: Of course we want to kill germs! They’re bad.  But what if our bodies were strong enough to kill germs for […]