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How It Works:

Welcome to your journey into the Momeopath® Insider Circle! It maybe helpful to review our weekly meeting structure below:

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We kick off each month with Week 1: Mindset Reset, where we explore the incredible possibilities that unfold when aligning your mindset with the healing power of homeopathy. In this first week, Paola will guide you to reset certain beliefs that conventional medicine has ingrained in our hearts and minds. The goal is to break free from notions that shackle our health and, instead, connect with the ‘mother healer’ within you. As you remove any mental blocks that might be holding you back, you’ll emerge as the powerful Momeopath® residing within your soul!

Moving to Week 2, Paola hosts the ‘Symptom Solver’ session, and together with that month’s visiting homeopath, we delve into the intricacies of a specific acute condition. Why is this session critical? Because while mothers often aim to avoid gut-damaging medications like antibiotics and steroids, sooner or later, illness strikes, and they are sometimes unprepared, resorting to these medications. Let’s put the brakes on that pattern and empower you, Momeopath! One week, we may focus on coughs, and another week, we may concentrate on the flu. Our goal is to help you familiarize yourself with common (and not-so-common) acute scenarios that may come your way.

Week 3 features the ‘Confidence Clinic,’ where Paola and the month’s visiting homeopath enhance your confidence and competence in managing acute illnesses with homeopathy. We’ll cover both member-submitted cases and visiting homeopath-prepared cases. Let’s turn you into a well-oiled Momeopath machine with good training on how to approach any illness when it strikes!

Finally, in Week 4, we will alternate between two different kinds of sessions. Twice a quarter, we will hold the ‘Remedy Resonance’ session, where you’ll compare 2-3 homeopathic remedies, aiming to master key medicines in the Materia medica. Paola always says that the best remedy is the one you know in your head. Why? Because when someone needs it, you’ll be able to recognize which remedy they need quickly! Excitement abounds as we embark on this journey of empowerment and mastery in homeopathy! Then, once a quarter during Week 4, we will have a session called the ‘Momeopath Panel.’ Hear from other fellow Momeopaths who will gush about their empowerment journey. Let’s elevate your well-being in these fulfilling sessions, celebrating connection, growth, and the unique stories within our community.

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