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In the meantime, below are the articles referenced in that lesson:

  1. Bovine milk antibodies for health
  2. Effects of bovine immune and non-immune whey preparations on the composition and pH response of human dental plaque.
  3. Growth factors from bovine milk and colostrum: Composition, extraction and biological activities
  4. In vivo antimicrobial and antiviral activity of components in bovine milk and colostrum involved in non-specific defense

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Where to buy colostrum:

The brand I get is Anovite, and you can buy it here:



Wholesale account costs $20 per year. It is truly like a ‘Costco’ wholesale membership. You pay your annual fee and you buy as often or as little as you want. If you do set up an autoship account, you can earn Anovite dollars (to buy colostrum products.) The following are prices in December 2017:

6.5 oz $55.98 retail but $44 Wholesale – Lasts one person about one month if they are taking the 1/2 tsp twice a day

1 lb $128 retail, but $88 wholesale – Lasts my family of 5 and a few kittens about a month, but we more than 1/2 tsp twice a day! 🙂

2 lb $177 retail and $135 wholesale.

Paola’s Colostrum Mouthwash Recipe:

Colostrum Mouthwash
½ cup of water
4 Tbsp colostrum
4-6 drops ”Christmas” essential oil (high quality–I used Young Living’s Christmas Spirit because it had both cinnamon and clove essential oils which are great for teeth. I would avoid peppermint or mint family oils because I don’t want to antidote my homeopathics.)

Add water to blender and turn on,
Add colostrum bit by bit,
Add essential oils,
Pour into mason jar, store in fridge, and use through the week.

Hugs and Homeopathy,


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