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Teach your family to think critically about their health.

One of the most important life skills we can teach our families is critical thinking! In a world where many are continually living in fear of health complications, give your family the confidence to champion their own health by teaching them how to think for themselves. There are so many wonderful quotes by inspired people that can help you do that, and we use these quotes in the Teach Me Health and Homeopathy curriculum for kids/teens & families. Well, now we’ve organized all of the quotes for you, for FREE!

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Spark conversations that trigger independent thinking about health, and how we can think critically and individually when it comes to the status quo.


These science discussion cards won’t be found in your typical science books. They help families learn more about themselves and the world around them by going beyond the conventional mindset!


Wisdom is the intersection of knowing information and understanding how and when it is best applied! Those who have good health often cultivate wise choices. 


Perhaps the most important of all, beauty, courage, and love are the themes of the discussion cards that tie the others together. Character is everything! 

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Teach Me Health And Homeopathy is the world’s first homeopathy curriculum for kids. Make homeopathy fun with this unforgettable health toolkit that will last a lifetime. Available in three levels for grades 1-3, 4-8, or 9-12, or as a PreK and Kindergarten primer. Payment plans available.

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About Paola

Paola Brown is a wife, homesteading mama of three, and experienced educator whose homeopathy workshops, classes, and interactive online courses empower other moms and families to incorporate homeopathic principles into their lives. As president and founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, Paola advocates for the growing number of mothers and other homeopathy users who want to protect their right to choose homeopathy. Her latest project, Teach Me Health and Homeopathy, is a comprehensive and engaging homeschool curriculum that equips families to teach children homeopathic principles, building them a solid foundation for life.

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