Homeopathy Fun For The Whole Family!

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Teach Me Health & Homeopathy: Curriculum For Grades 1-12

Teach your kids health and homeopathy in a way that inspires and delights them!  Presenting the world’s first homeopathy curriculum for kids. Make homeopathy fun with this unforgettable health toolkit that will last a lifetime. Available in three levels for grades 1-3, 4-8, or 9-12. Payment plans available.

Teach Me Health and Homeopathy: Preschool and Kindergarten Primer

When I first started homeschooling my two oldest children, their younger sister saw all the time I was spending with the others. She stomped her foot and said, “Mom, I need school too.”

Once I had completed the “Teach Me Healthy & Homeopathy” curriculum, I was quickly informed that preschoolers wanted in on the fun as well! So I got back to work…

Homeopathy Heroes Card Game

Did you know that some of the greatest names in history were supporters of homeopathic medicine? Iconic people like Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria, and Mark Twain were avid supporters…but in this game, they are still kids! Using keen reasoning, clever strategy, quick wit, and a bit of homeopathic skill, you have a chance to help these high-energy heroes get well and out of bed so they can go on to accomplish great feats in their life

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Just getting started with Homeopathy? Need a refresher? The Intro to Homeopathy class is the perfect place to start.



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