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  • I am excited to announce my new program, Book Clubs: A Homeopathy Primer for Adults! This homeopathy Book Club program is especially for adults and their friends to be introduced to or to reacquaint themselves with the fundamentals of the wonderful world of homeopathy. The homeopathy Book Club program includes 3 parts:
  • The storybook novel, Evie and the Secret of Small Things
  • The Book Club Handbook 
  • The Family Homeopathy Journal (optional, but recommended)

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Endorsed by the Academy of Homeopathy Education

Created by the president and CO-founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice

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About Paola's Book Club Program:

This open-and-go program is about connecting with friends and like-minded people who are hungry to get started with homeopathy. As you use the Book Club Handbook to read through my novel, Evie and the Secret of Small Things, you will find the perfect space to learn about and introduce your friends to some of the most fundamental homeopathy concepts.  It covers the foundations and essentials of homeopathy. No matter what kind of homeopathy makes your heart pitter-patter, reviewing fundamentals is ALWAYS a good move. Because I like to over-deliver, for those who complete the entire book club (it takes about 8 weeks), you’ll be receiving a phenomenal digital Graduation Gift!

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Leading a Book Club Class

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