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While the Momeopath Insider’s Circle is only open a few times a year, our current members can invite friends to join the circle any time. Plus! You and your friend will both get 50% off one month of your membership! If you’re ready to invite a friend to join, follow these steps: 

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After you’ve talked to your friend, and you know they want to join, enter your friend’s info below. We’ll send an invite to your friend with a special discount for 50% off their first month.

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Tell your friends to check their email. They’ll receive an email with a coupon code and a special link to sign up right away.

Reply To Our Email To Tell Us They Joined!

You’ll receive a confirmation once the invite is sent. After your friend has told you that they’ve signed up, reply to your invite email or email us at info@PaolaBrown.com to let us know who signed up through you. Then, we’ll discount your next month!

Refer a Friend:

We'll include instructions & a coupon code with an email to your recipient, so no need to explain the process!

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