Hahnemanniacs’ Monthly Classes

  • 12:00 pm (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima on Saturdays
  • Starts 2021-01-09
  • Virtual
  • 3 Enrolled Families
  • Level 1: 1-3, Level 2: 4-8, Level 3: 9-12, Adults

This class is based on Teach Me Health and Homeopathy, the world’s first homeopathy curriculum, a groundbreaking literature-based curriculum introduces students to homeopathy in a meaningful and colorful way. The class will be an inspiring and fun way to learn homeopathic remedies and the history behind homeopathy.

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Taught By:

Sandra Laba

Homeopathy Advocate

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Enrollment Cost

FREE + Curriculum Cost

I've decided to offer this class for FREE! The only cost will be the cost of the curriculum.

Class Format

  • Virtual
  • 12:00 pm on Saturdays

Important Deadlines

Registration is open now until December 12th. In order to give you time to receive your materials in the mail, the purchase deadline for curriculum will be one week later: Saturday, December 19th. First day of class is planned for Saturday, January 9th.

Materials Needed

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Student Work Bundle

$196 regular price—will be reduced after enrollment closes and group discount is applied. Bundle includes:

Evie and the Secret of Small Things

Course chapter storybook

1 Student Workbook

Choose your grade level when ordering:

Memory Work Games & Flashcards

Printable PDF downloads

Additional Workbooks As Needed

Each student needs a workbook. One is included, each additional is $27 each.

Memory Work Music

1 per family. From $19.99. Available on:


Go to iTunes and search for "Teach Me Health and Homeopathy"

Google Play

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Physical CD

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Art Journal & Supplies

Your Art Journal should be approximately 8.5 x 11 inches. You’ll also need basic art supplies, like pencils and paper.

About the Class

Material Discounts

Depending on the number of families in your Group Class, the price of the Student Work Bundle will be discounted. Here is a chart explaining your class's discounts. Your group currently has 0 families enrolled.

Families Enrolled Discount Rates
5+ families 15% discount ($144.5)
10+ families 25% discount ($127.5)
15+ families 30% discount ($119)
Once all families are enrolled, the class leader will be able to issue each family a coupon so that they can purchase required or optional materials at the discounted price.

Class Schedule

At present, we plan on meeting once a month.
Lord willing, we will meet on the following Saturdays:
January 9th, (the second Saturday---all the others will be the first Saturday of each month.)
February 6th
March 6th
April 3rd
May 1st
(We could do May 29th, or not. During the summer break, we could meet more often, or not at all and resume in the fall. Please let me know your thoughts.)


How much is the class?
*Instruction is free.
*Student workbooks will be discounted based on how many families sign up, and are available in Level 1: Grades 1-3; Level 2: Grades 4-8; Level 3: Grades 9-12.
*Materials for some activities, art supplies.
*She recommends an art journal so the students can color or watercolor their art journal page, then cut out items from the workbook and glue them onto their journal, write what they learned on the picture, etc. Please note that Items they will be cutting out for their journal are up to 10" tall. Here is her example of a journal: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/886293193X/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=paolabrownllc-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=886293193X&linkId=9fb9d7eccbfb8aeaed0d30da526ae58d

How many weeks do we meet?
The material is divided into 39 lessons. If taught once a week, it would take an academic year to complete
We plan to meet monthly, ongoing as desired, until we finish the curriculum.

Where will we meet?
For older children and those at a distance, we will meet on Zoom. Meetings will be recorded, so in-person or distance learners can review it over the month and learn their remedy songs. (Little people who live locally can meet in person, if possible.)

Will there be homework?
There will be a remedy song that can be learned in ASL sign language, activities and reading to complete that can be tailored to meet your student's needs.

What curriculum will you be using to teach this class?
We will be using the curriculum, Teach Me Health and Homeopathy by Paola Brown, which has been endorsed by the Academy of Homeopathy Education. This is a multidisciplinary literature-based curriculum.

What does the curriculum cover?

Unit 1: The Terrain is Everything
This first unit is designed to “prime the pump” (or in this case, the mind) around the principles that govern homeopathy. Students meet the father of terrain theory, Antoine Béchamp, and the father of the theory of suppression, Louis Pasteur. These concepts prepare students to understand the powerful lessons about homeopathy.

Unit 2: Unlocking Homeopathy
Once the groundwork has been laid in Unit 1, Unit 2 introduces students to the basic precepts of
homeopathic medicine. It covers the history of homeopathy by introducing Samuel Hahnemann, discusses the dangers of suppressing disease, and helps students think critically about various treatments found in conventional medicine. This unit also introduces students to a central book in homeopathic medicine, the Materia Medica. Finally, this unit touches on the idea that homeopathic remedies can be made from various existing substances.

Unit 3: The Laws of Homeopathy
Parent teachers will be excited to delve into this unit. It’s where the concepts about homeopathy really take form, and students can dig into the fun part of homeopathy. Students are instructed on how a homeopathic medicine is made via dilution and succussion, and they learn about homeopathic case-taking.

Unit 4: Homeopathic Medicines for Accidents
This final unit in the curriculum brings the concepts that students have learned to a grand finale where students learn about which homeopathic medicines are best suited for various acute conditions. The focus of this unit is centered around the topic of accidents. The stories and discussions in this segment often make it the favorite unit in the entire curriculum.

Will you be teaching kids to self-prescribe homeopathy remedies?
Absolutely not! Kids should never handle medical treatment on their own. But similar to teaching a student about chemical reactions, gravity, and the world around them, this curriculum aims to teach them truths and laws that govern health with particular emphasis on homeopathy. We want kids to feel empowered to become healthier and to know about homeopathic medicine in a meaningful way, but we make sure they do not treat any ailment or injury until they are adults. Please see the disclaimer in each of the curriculum books.

When can I buy my materials at the wholesale group discount?
Only after all families have enrolled will I be able to provide the coupon code we earned (based on enrollment). When all families have enrolled and are ready to purchase course materials, I will activate the group coupon. Once it is activated, families can purchase the curriculum at the applicable discounted rate for our class size and settings.
You should only need to purchase a student guide for the age(s) of your children. I will be reading from the book, and we will learn to sign the memory songs on zoom.

How do I know what our wholesale group discount will be?
I will be able to determine what our wholesale group discount is after the registration deadline. Feel free to email me by clicking ‘contact me’ at the top of the page if you have any questions.