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Hering’s Law: How We Heal

One of the gems of homeopathy is that it is a healing modality based on a deep understanding of the healing process. When we truly understand the process of returning to health, we aren’t daunted by the stages of healing. Homeopaths are trained to identify certain markers of healing that help them track their patient’s progress. I’ll share some of these important markers you need to know below. 

When we’re first starting off on the path to healing, we’re often in a health crisis. We have symptoms that are likely overwhelming and even scary. We’re desperate, and in our vulnerability, we’re often willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the scary symptoms. As every good homeopath knows though, symptoms are the body’s way of healing, and they guide us in selecting the best remedy. 

Conventional medicine feeds into our fears by providing quick-fixes that suppress the symptoms so we are no longer seeing them. But does this mean they’ve gone away? Often what happens when we suppress our symptoms is that we drive them deeper into the body to more vital organs, as exemplified by asthma that is almost always precipitated by skin issues that have been suppressed by steroids and other pharmaceuticals. 

To effectively utilize homeopathy for you and your family, you need to understand the philosophy behind it. Understanding the philosophy of healing that homeopathy acknowledges is empowering. Once you embrace the process of healing that homeopaths have witnessed happening over and over again, instead of being frightened by symptoms, you’ll celebrate them. No longer do we need to see symptoms as “things to get rid of,” but instead, they are cues as to what remedy to select. 

The philosophy regarding the process of healing that homeopaths subscribe to is called Hering’s Law of Cure. Constantine Hering was a medical doctor who trained in Leipzig, Germany in Hahneman’s time. He was a homeopathic dissenter who turned out to be one of the greatest champions for homeopathy. Interestingly enough, in medical school he was asked to write an anti-homeopathy article, but as he began to do the research, it became obvious to him that homeopathy was highly effective. I cover all of this in my book, “Evie and the Secret of Small Things.”

Hering injured his finger dissecting a cadaver, and it wasn’t healing. One of Hahnemann’s students suggested Arsenicum, and it healed Hering’s finger. Hering and Hahnemann never met, but wrotecontinued writing to one another most of their lives. Hahnemann said Hering was “a colossus of homeopathy.”

Hering became a student of homeopathy and developed Hering’s Law of Cure, which describes the process of how our bodies follow the path to healing. Hering’s Law of Cure has three parts: 

Part 1: Diseases heal in reverse order from which they appeared. 

This means the most recent conditions leave first and older conditions leave later. In the example of Eczema that has been suppressed with corticosteroids, the illness is driven deeper into the body, often to the lungs, where asthma may develop later. So, if you have an adult or someone older who has asthma today, a homepath will treat the asthma, and oftentimes what will happen is that the eczema will return. Sometimes it returns more mild, but there is no rule when it comes to our bodies. Then the homeopath will treat the eczema and the asthma will go away.

Part 2: Diseases heal from the upper to the lower parts of the body. 

A good example of this is when I was suffering from interstitial cystitis, and I developed dermographia. It started on my feet, and then my legs and finally to the top of my head. Then as homeopathy cured me, the first place for the dermographia to get better was my face. And then my neck, and then my chest, and the last things to heal were my fingers, hands and feet. 

Part 3:  Diseases heal from the inside out. 

Your body always protects the most vital organs: your brain, your heart, your lungs. Fingers and skin are not necessary for survival, so when a disease is suppressed, it is pushed as far away from your vital organs as possible. When you are healing with homeopathy, symptoms involving the brain and heart often improve first. An example is my son’s allergies. They were really awful and he would become very emotional and cry. When I gave him the right remedy, he immediately stopped crying. So, I asked him if he was still itchy and suffering and he said yes, but he had also stopped crying. That’s when I knew it was the right remedy!

If we didn’t understand Hering’s Law of Cure, we would likely panic when we saw diseases of the past return. Because homeopaths have studied these laws of healing, it helps us to have faith and trust as our bodies begin to heal. We also have a way of gauging whether or not the remedies selected are effective, and this brings us reassurance that homeopathy works.

Realizing the direction of cure helps you appreciate that your body is always trying to take care of you, and you can work together with it, instead of against it. 

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