Get the FREE "I Spy Some Homeopathy Heroes" Booklet.

Get the FREE "I Spy Some Homeopathy Heroes" Booklet.

...A sweet peek at Paola's Homeopathy Heroes Card Game!

Did you know that some of the greatest names in history were supporters of homeopathic medicine? Iconic people like Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria, and Mark Twain were avid supporters.  Enjoy a little I Spy fun as you are briefly introduced to a few of these characters, taking note of some of the unique items included with them. You will learn their full story and that of many more heroes in the game set.

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...A sweet peek at Paola's
Homeopathy Heroes Card Game!

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What you can expect from "I Spy Some Homeopathy Heroes" free booklet.

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Whether you’re a lifelong user of homeopathy, or you’re just getting started, the “Homeopathy Heroes” card game set is a great way to introduce homeopathic remedies to your family through well-known historical figures. Using keen reasoning, clever strategy, quick wit, and a bit of homeopathy skill, you have a chance to help these high-energy heroes get well and out of bed so they can go on to accomplish great feats in their life…but you will first need to find a notable homeopath with the right remedy in her/his pocket. If you’re ready to dive in, you can purchase the game below, or for now enjoy this free sneak peek booklet to meet some of the characters!

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About Paola

Paola Brown is a wife, homesteading mama of three, and experienced educator whose homeopathy workshops, classes, and interactive online courses empower other moms and families to incorporate homeopathic principles into their lives. As president and founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, Paola advocates for the growing number of mothers and other homeopathy users who want to protect their right to choose homeopathy. Her latest project, Teach Me Health & Homeopathy, is a comprehensive and engaging homeschool curriculum that equips families to teach children homeopathic principles, building them a solid foundation for life.

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