Asking Questions



The last free lesson we have prepared for you is a lesson that any person can carry with them for life: How to ask better questions. In this lesson we’ll walk through ways to prompt those questions. As always, make sure to start with the teacher’s guide.

-Paola Brown

1. Read the teacher's manual overview section.

2. Download the Teacher's Manual Lessons As Your Guide

3. Download The Student Workbook & Storybook

4. Download The Memory Work Songs

1. Teacher's Manual Intro/Overview

In case you missed it in the previous lesson, the Teacher’s Manual Overview gives tips and a ‘big picture’ synopsis of how the next 3 weeks of lessons will work.

2. Teacher's Manual - Lesson 16

The Teacher’s Manual is your essential guide for walking through the stories and activities for each lesson step by step. Lessons 14-16 of the curriculum are included.

3. Read-Aloud Stories

Read the story below about how Dr. Hahnemann became known as the “father of homeopathy” by using more natural methods to treat a boy named Franz Voss.

4. Student Workbook - Lesson 16

When you’re done with the story and reach the activity, open this workbook to make sure students have what they need to complete the activity.

5. Memory Work Music

Lastly, once the story is understood, you can download the MP3 of the song in order to memorize more about the solution Dr. Hahnemann found to solve Franz’s pains.

Check Out This Video About Asking Better Questions

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