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Mother's Guide to Homeopathy

Unlock the Power of True Health for Your Family

Are you a mother who is looking for safe, natural, and effective ways to care for your family’s health? Join me on a transformative journey into the world of homeopathy, where you’ll learn to harness the incredible healing potential of this gentle and powerful medicine. 

I help moms like you ditch the drugs, so your family can not only survive but thrive with true health. 

The Mother's Guide to Homeopathy

Registration ends October 13!

🔔 Registration Deadline: October 13, 2023
🗓 Course Start Date: October 23, 2023 at 8pm Easter / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain
⏰️ Duration: Eight weeks, every Monday through December 11, 2023
>>>Note: We are taking the week of Thanksgiving off!
💻 Format: Live interactive classes via Zoom, with recordings available!
📚 Course Materials: Paola’s Book Club Program

+Plus course materials starting at $73

Course Highlights

Why Homeopathy?

  • Safe and Natural: Homeopathy uses highly diluted natural substances to stimulate the body’s healing response without harmful side effects.
  • Empowerment: Learn how to confidently treat common ailments and promote wellness within your family.
  • Holistic Approach: Discover a holistic approach to health that considers the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.


+Plus course materials starting at $73

Registration Benefits

  • Comprehensive Learning: Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and practical skills in homeopathy.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with other parents on the same journey, share experiences, and seek advice.
  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to course materials, including recordings and resources.


Registration Deadline: Don’t miss your chance to join this transformative course. Registration closes on October 13, 2023.

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+Plus course materials starting at $73

Meet the Teacher,
MomeopathTM, Paola Brown

Paola Brown, a devoted wife and mother of three, understands that sometimes the best way to learn homeopathy is from another mom. As the driving force behind this course, Paola brings a unique perspective that sets her apart when she guides you through this course. With an unwavering passion for homeopathy, Paola personally crafted every aspect of this curriculum. Her journey began with an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University, graduating summa cum laude. For over a decade, she shared her expertise by teaching English at the high school level.

Beyond her educational background, Paola is a staunch advocate for homeopathy rights, serving as the president and founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice. Her dedication and commitment to the cause demonstrate her unwavering belief in the transformative power of homeopathy for families. Paola and her team have spent the last three years focused on meeting the need for high-quality homeopathic education for entire families, ages 6-96, making her the perfect mom to guide you through this enriching journey.


+Plus course materials starting at $73

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Level-Up Your Family's Well-being:

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Learn Homeopathy Lingo!

What's a Materia medica? Potency? How do you dose a remedy? Master these concept from a may even look FORWARD to when your kid gets sick because you're so excited to help them with your newfound homeopathy power!

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Practice Makes Perfect!

During the course, starting in week 4, we will start doing practice cases together, learning how to help a family member during an acute illness, start-to-finish.

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Learn Keynotes to 19 Remedies

In addition to teaching you about the basic principles of homeopathy (the law of similars, suppressing illness, provings, and more) you will learn quick-and-dirty tips for using a materia medica and a repertory, the keynotes to 19 different homeopathic remedies, and how to find, select, and work with a homeopath. You'll also get to practice what you've learned by trying your hand at taking many acute cases!

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Grow in Confidence!

Next time your kid gets a high fever, a nasty cough, or when they smash their fingers in the door jam...what will you do? Don't leave yourself vulnerable to big pharma when the unexpected mayhem life will surely bring. Prepare now so you're ready for tomorrow!

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Connect with Other Moms!

Make friends and connect with other like-minded mothers and women. These connections are invaluable as you learn this beautiful, effective medicine because you have that support-group moving forward!

FAQ's about the Recordings

All classes are held at at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain

  • Class #1: Pre-recorded. Watch right after you register!
  • Class #2: October 23 
  • Class #3: October 30
  • Class #4: November 6
  • Class #5: November 13
  • Thanksgiving week off
  • Class #6: November 27
  • Class #7: December 4
  • Class #8: December 11

As you register for this class, you will be prompted to buy materials which includes: 

  • Book Club materials including the Handbook & the storybook, Evie and the Secret of Small Things. Pricing starts at $73
  • Notebook & pen to take notes. 


Unlock the Power of TRUE Health & Homeopathy for Your Family

ALL recorded classes remain available for you to access forever!