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Bonus Class

Colostrum, Gut Health & Colostrum

Recording 1

Hello & Introduction


  • Welcome to the event! We are so glad you’re here!

Recording 2



  • We had a great time playing some homeopathy games and giving away prizes. Special thanks to Boiron for helping sponsor this event. 

Recording 3

Intro to Homeopathy Class


  • Paola’s energy and excitement over homeopathy is contagious in this recording! I hope you enjoy!

Recording 4

Learn a bit about the Homeopathy Heroes Game


  • Did you know that some of the greatest names in history were supporters of homeopathic medicine? Iconic people like Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria, and Mark Twain were avid supporters.
  • In this session, we learned how to play this game. It helps learn one keynote to 19 different remedies. 
  • If you want to watch a great explanation of how this game works, visit this link: Watch it on Facebook 
  • Also, your kids may want you to download a fun little free mini-coloring book with some of the characters from the game here: Click here.

Recording 5

 Book Club Class #8 with Paola + 3 local homeopaths 


  • Paola has an awesome Book Club program where you can teach your friends the basics about homeopathy. This class is the last of 8 classes that are part of Paola’s Book Club. But for this Momeopath event, she enlisted help from 3 awesome homeopaths. 
  • You can lead a group in person or online. Learn more about Paola’s Book Club program here: https://paolabrown.com/bookclub
  • Become a Book Club Leader here (it’s free and you can even earn money by leading a group!): https://paolabrown.com/group-classes/lead/

Recording 6

Small Group Momeopath Acute Case Practice w/ Local Homeopaths


  • In this session, we broke up into smaller groups and learned a bit about taking a case using our materia medica. Paola gave a quick intro, and then we join Sue Meyer who coached her group.
  • Attached is the handout with cases that we provided participants.  Click here to download.
  • Attached is the answer key to the above cases. Be sure to NOT review this document until you’ve tried to figure out the cases in the above file.  Click here to download.

Recording 7

Cheesemaking Basics


  • This session is a little break from all the amazing homeopathy information that has been shared with you so far. Paola outlines her love of making cheese, and how she prepared delicious cheddar cheese for the tasting at the event.
  • Paola referenced the following books in her presentation: 
  • The Art of Natural Cheese Making
  • Traditional Cooking School

Recording 8

Bonus Class with Sue Meyer, ND, CCH.


  • In this session, Sue Meyer talks about homeopathy and the 12 cell salts!

Recording 9

Book Talk: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


  • In this session, Paola shared all of the books that she loves using in homeopathy! Below is a clickable list: 

Great reference books! 

Materia Medica & Repertory

Recording 10

Momeopath Panel with Paola + Awesome Ladies