Lyrics for the Teach Me Health and Homeopathy Memory Work Music

The Homeopathy Memory Work Music CD is part of the world’s first homeopathy curriculum for kids. Make homeopathy fun with this unforgettable health toolkit that will last a lifetime.
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1. Tell me about THE GOAL OF HEALTH. 

The goal of health is to overcome the acute, short-term illnesses properly. When we do this carefully, we avoid future chronic long-term illness.

2. Tell me about ANTIBIOTICS & STEROIDS. 

Drugs like antibiotics and steroids suppress illness and drive disease deeper in your body.
A result that you may see is your body’s health could weaken developing more serious and long-term diseases. We should reserve these drugs for heroic and life-saving measures.


A homeopathic remedy is made by a professional pharmacy who properly dilutes to potencies like X, C, or M, and then succusses each one by shaking vigorously in between each dilution.


It’s important to observe improvement by or around the fourth dose of the remedy you have chosen. Improvement may include feeling better in your mind, restful sleep, increased appetite, and sometimes the onset of a healing fever.


Homeopathic overusing may result in a proving. This can happen by dosing too often but not by taking too many pellets at one time. Over-using can happen whether or not you’re on the right remedy, so observe carefully while dosing.  

6. Tell me about ACONITUM NAPELLUS. 

Use Aconite when symptoms come on suddenly from pain, or fright, or cold wind exposure. Aconite is for any type of shock including accidents, physical trauma, sudden illness, or emotional drama. 

7. Tell me about ALLIUM CEPA

Allium cepa for hay fever or colds with profuse runny nose or watery eyes dripping like a hose, and when acrid discharge causes red, irritated skin, for headaches made worse when the eyes are closed, it’s Allium cepa for the win!

8. Tell me about APIS. 

Hives, very large swelling, itching, and stinging are all indications for Apis mellifica. The symptoms of Apis may also include serious allergic reactions.

9. Tell me about ARNICA. 

For bumps, bruises, wounds, and injuries of all kinds, be sure to go and find your Arnica montana. Have no fear, it’s the premier injury remedy!

10. Tell me about ARSENICUM ALBUM. 

Arsenicum album is a polycrest used for various symptoms such as great weakness, burning pains, violent itch, hay fever, restlessness, diarrhea, nausea, and digestive distress. If you encounter poisoning with vomiting and such, remember this great remedyit will relieve you much!

11. Tell me about BELLADONNA.

When your symptoms are red, hot, angry, and throbbing, reach for Belladonna, there’s no need for sobbing. For symptoms dry, swollen, painful, and sore, or a sudden high fever of 103 or more, that’s Belladonna

12. Tell me about BRYONIA. 

When rest feels better, and motion feels worse, excruciating headaches, excessive thirst, dry cough with stitching pain in the chest, or an irritated mind, Bryonia is best!

13. Tell me about CANTHARIS. 

For bladder infections, and burns of any kind with pain that’s often violent, acute, scalding, or raw. When symptoms include burning, you likely should be turning to Cantharis!

14. Tell me about CARBO VEGETABILIS. 

The great corpse reviver, Carbo veg, is a common medicine when nearly dead. Look for blue coloring, pale, puffy face, exhaustion, collapse, or fainting.

15. Tell me about CAUSTICUM. 

Choose Causticum when your symptoms are accompanied by burning, rawness, and soreness. It’s useful in burns that are slow to heal, dry coughs, and bladder conditions. It is also helpful with nerve issues, so when you take your analysis, look for jerking muscles and paralysis. 

16. Tell me about HYPERICUM. 

Hypericum is indicated for shooting pains in nerves. Sensitivity to touch will be observed, with symptoms sharp and quite extreme. It’s great for nerve-rich injuries.

17. Tell me about LEDUM PALUSTRE. 

Puncture wounds made by sharp points, as in a bee sting or from an animal bite, will often feel relieved and healed by Ledum Ledum has a history of stopping the spread of infection or venom when used.

18. Tell me about NATRUM MURIATICUM 

Nat mur is a good remedy if you suffer from deepened grief. Think of Nat mur for the common cold when there’s great thirst and an egg-white-like runny nose. Look for sneezing, cracked lips, cold sores, and headaches. 

19. Tell me about NUX VOMICA. 

Think of Nux vomica when you’re feeling undoneoverworked, irritated, or impatient. It’s a great polycrest, and will help with digestion, heartburn, colic, gas, or constipation.

20. Tell me about RHUS TOX.

Think of Rhus tox, a polycrest, when itchy skin or joint pain puts you to the test. For fluid-filled blisters, or an itchy rash, be sure to have this in your remedy stash! For symptoms which improve with movement and heat, but are worse from cold, damp weather, please remember Rhus tox!

21. Tell me about SILICEA. 

Silicea is often used to help push out foreign things like a splinter and can also be useful in painful sore throats with swollen glands, or ear infections with smelly discharge, and oh so much more.

22. Tell me about STAPHYSAGRIA. 

If you experience slow healing of knife-like cuts, honeymoon cystitis, or symptoms from suppressed anger, reach for the polycrest Staphysagria.

23. Tell me about SYMPHYTUM. 

For sprains or injuries in the joints, tendons, and bones, especially broken bones, try Symphytum

24. Tell me about URTICA URENS. 

Look for Urtica urens for hives with itching and burning. It’s made from the stinging nettle plant. If your symptoms include allergies to food, with an itching and crawling sensation, it’s an Urtica urens operation.

Paola, thank you so much for creating this curriculum. It's affecting my 8 year old daughter deeper than I ever could. I've been trying for years to teach her about the importance of raw milk & so many other things your book is talking about, but this story is reaching her in ways I've tried & failed. I think it helps that Evie is her exact age. I'm forever grateful to you for your years of work, concentration, effort, gifts, & abilities to create this!! Thank you so much!! It is blessing not only my daughter, but me; as it is teaching me so much about many things, including homeopathy. I've known some of this, but not all of it. And it's so exciting to learn right along side my little one. Also, your music cds are absolutely incredible. I sometimes get one stuck in my head or wake up with one rolling around in my mind just to realize that I need that remedy that day! I love it!!
Tamara Wilcox