Colostrum & Cavities with Paola


Paola’s experience using Colostrum to heal her cavities while investigating empirical research on the benefits of colostrum and oral health.  She also shares what specific brand of colostrum she uses (


Who wants to talk about CAVITIES and Colostrum!?


I myself have suffered from significant cavities through out my adult life. Ever since having children, I would visit the dentist every 6 months, only to find that I had new cavities that either needed monitoring or drilling. It was so frustrating! But as a young child I never had cavities.  In 2016 I had a mouth full of cavities–one month later I started colostrum, and about 1 year after that–they were gone!  I about fell out of my dentist’s chair. I left the office hugging my dentist, my hygienist, the receptionist, and called my husband on the phone. I was so happy!

But was my story a unique case? What empirical research is there about the efficacy of colostrum and cavities? Could it help others?

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