Colostrum for Gut Health: Amazing Bio Hack!


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Before biohacking was even a ‘thing’ I was working hard on my healing journey. I had a pink notebook that I filled with notes and ideas to help hack my health issues and heal my gut. Then, I found an amish farmer who sold raw, frozen cow colostrum and I would drink just a few gulps every day.  Then I moved to Texas and couldn’t find any colostrum…until I rediscovered it again. Hear my story about healing my gut, not being able to eat but about 12 different ingredients, and how colostrum became an important part of my healing journey. Of course, homeopathy has been a game changer for me as well, but I cannot neglect the impact that bovine (cow) colostrum has made in my healing journey!

  • Paola possesses a deep understanding of the power of story and how this can ignite a deeper learning of any concept, and she channels the power of her experiences to enrich this workshop.
  • Discusses what it means for bovine colostrum to be a universal donor to humans.
  • She examines over 7 different research studies on the subject of colostrum and its benefits for gut health.
  • Discusses leaky gut, and how colostrum can improve this condition.
  • Provides a timeline of her healing journey and how colostrum impacted her overall healing trajectory
  • She also includes comprehensive, printable handouts that you will be able to reference for years to come.

Course Materials:

  • Computer with internet access,
  • Printer–(optional) to print hand outs,
  • Optional: A notebook to keep notes.
  • Join the FB Group meant for those of you who are interested in discussing this topic.

Finally, it is our highest priority that your learning experience is a positive one. Please do contact us via email if you have any helpful comments that can make your learning experience better:


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