Homeopathy Memory Work Music – Teach Me Health & Homeopathy Curriculum



Teach kids homeopathy and learn with them! In this album, where each song has its own personality, master keynotes for Arnica, Belladonna, and 17 other homeopathic remedies while also mastering additional principles like observing improvement, dosing, & more! These engaging and delightful songs will bring homeopathy to life for the entire family. An important component of teaching children homeopathy is helping them memorize the keynote symptoms and basic foundational principles of homeopathy. Throughout the literature-based curriculum, “Teach Me Health and Homeopathy,” parents and teachers will find opportunities for students to listen to and learn this important memory work music. While Units 1–3 have some memory work music incorporated into
the lessons, the bulk of the memory work music is used in Unit 4, where students dive into each of the homeopathic medicine found in this wonderful album.

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