Paola’s Homeopathy Study Group


In this course, Paola leads a LIVE 8-class Study Group, using Joette Calabrese’s Gateway to Homeopathy

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by and learning more about my Intro to Homeopathy course that I teach using Joette Calabrese’s curriculum “Gateway to Homeopathy, Part I.

I really hope that I can pay it forward by sharing what I’ve learned about this transformative medicine.

For those students who purchase a seat in my class, you will be emailed a free gift! Right after purchasing I will send you an approx. 1.5 hour “Intro to Homeopathy Class,” delivered right to your email’s in-box.


This medicine is absolutely transformative.

I send you all my heartfelt love as you seek better health.
Paola Brown

 Please read this entire page carefully.

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[tab title=”Class Dates”]

We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday night for 3 weeks with 2 Sunday night classes sprinkled in.

Why are the classes 2-3 time’s a week? Because my family is moving to Budapest and we are trying to make it work for you to get one last class with me before I move!


  • Class #1 Tues., April 10
  • Class #2 Thurs., April 12
  • Class #3 Tues., April 17
  • Class #5 Thurs., April 19
  • *Optional Class #4* Sun., April 22 (Joette is scheduled to speak live with us this night. To have Joette speak with us, she requires a $20 fee that goes directly to her.  If you opt to attend this optional session, I will collect this money that will be given directly to Joette after class starts (about a week before she appears). We will discuss this during our class session leading up to this date. If you choose not to attend this live class for Joette’s additional $20 fee, you can watch a pre-recorded session with Joette, which is free. I will help you access this free recording once class starts. (This pre-recorded session is included with your Study Group Curriculum book (Link:, which is required material for this course.)
  • Class #6 Tues., April 24
  • Class #7 Thurs., April 26
  • *Optional Class #8* Sun., April 29 (Joette speaks live, same as class #4 above


[tab title=”Class Time & Location”]

Class begins at 7pm Central Time (Houston, TX)
Class is located online. We will meet via a video conferencing tool called Zoom. It does not cost any money for you to use Zoom.


[tab title=”Special Perks”]

Free Bonus Gift- Only for Paola’s Students!

For those of you who register in this course with me as your teacher, I will provide you with a free “Intro to Homeopathy Class.” It’s a great way to start warming up on the subject of homeopathy before you actually start on our first class! This free intro class will be sent to your email’s in-box right after registering.

Other Perks available only to Paola’s Students!

  • Access to a SECRET Facebook Group available only to Paola’s current/alumni students
  • Extra Q & A time after  each class session, Paola remains for 1 hour after class to answer questions
  • Access to Paola’s engaging and magnetic teaching style, including her awesome stories that share her experience with homeopathy

OHM Pharma

For those of you who attend 7 out of the 8 classes, you will receive a certificate of completion. Currently, this certificate of completion enables you to purchase from a professional homeopathic pharmacy (OHM), which normally only sells to professional homeopaths. You will also receive a lifetime 10% student discount to purchase from OHM, made available to you by Joette Calabrese.  While many of the homeopathic remedies we will learn about are available online, sometimes it is difficult to find specific remedies and in certain potencies. Having access to OHM–you will soon learn–is a valuable asset.

A Visit from Joette Herself

According to the Study Group Curriculum book (Link: that we will be following, we can pay Joette’s $20 fee to her speak with us online via video conferencing. This $20 is per student per live session, and this money goes directly to Joette.  We will decide later on if we want to select this option, and I anticipate these visits to occur during our normally scheduled class times on class #4 (April 22 ) and class #8 (April 29).

Online Access to a Student Resource Area

This Student resource area includes mini-video-excerpts from Joette’s courses. This includes accessing the pre-recorded session for class #4 and class #8. They will help us learn our material :). When you purchase your Study Group Curriculum Book (Link:, you will be directed to a page where you create a log-in for this area. (Be sure you save your username/password.) To log in, go to this link:


[tab title=”Materials”]

  1. Study Group Curriculum- Aside from paying for my course, be sure to buy the MANDATORY Study Group Curriculum, by Joette Calabrese. The book costs $47 + s/h. You WILL be lost if you don’t have this booklet.
  2. How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor- Finally, please purchase a copy of this book written by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn. If you buy it used, it only costs a few dollars from Amazon.  CLICK HERE to buy the book on Amazon (this is NOT an affiliate link).
  3. A computer and/or telephone: We will be using a *free* online video conferencing software called Zoom. It is wonderful because it (a) allows me to have large video conferencing classes and (b) allows students to meet online OR via their telephones. So, if your internet is down one night, will you miss out on a class? NO! You can dial the toll-free number and listen in on the class as if you were in a telephone-conference call. I will provide more details about how to meet us online as the course gets closer.


[tab title=”Fees”]

I am charging less than $8 per class, and so you only pay $60 up front. You will receive a confirmation email after registering. *Please check your junk email in case the confirmation email accidentally goes there!

Optional fee: There is a $20 fee if you would like to participate in one or both of the optional live sessions with Joette ($20 each), we will collect those monies after class starts.

Homegrown Homeopathy offers a Limited number of scholarships each course to support those who are going through financial hardships and need to use Homeopathy. At this time all of our scholarships for this course have been filled.
If you are a returning student to Paola’s Homeopathy Study Group, you may take this course for FREE. Please email us at to be added to the waiting list. (There are a limited number of spots open for returning students, and because Zoom only allows me to register a certain number of students, I can’t guarantee seats for all alumni.  We will address this on a first come, first served basis.  It is possible that I can accommodate everyone, but that could mean that I need to increase my prices to adjust  for a more expensive Zoom program that accommodates more students. I am hoping to avoid this.)


[tab title=”FAQ and More…”]

Will the classes be recorded? I’m sorry, but because I share so much personal information about my health journey, I will not be recording these classes. It already makes me nervous to over-share to a large group of people! But I want to get this information about homeopathy out there! Sorry for not being able to record.
I can promise you this: If you do what it takes to show up and really delve into this material with me, it will be worth your time. Promise. 
If I can take this self-study course on my own, why do people take classes with you? I have a lot of experience as a mom who uses homeopathy and my teaching style is awesome :-). I think you’ll like my class and it will be well worth your time and effort!
When will I get the Zoom link to join class on the first night? After you purchase my course you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link.
What is a Quick checklist of things I need to do to register for this course?
  1. Pay for the class, which will register you for the class.
  2. Mark your calendar for all the class dates and times. (Be sure to account for different time zones.)
  3. Buy the Mendelsohn book (see Link above in the “materials” section)
  4. Get the study group curriculum (see Link above in the “materials” section)
  5. Review your confirmation email.
  6. Get excited. Very excited! This information is awesome!




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