Inspiring Audiences to Raise Generations of Healthy Families

Prepare to be enthralled and empowered by the captivating presence of Paola Brown, an accomplished author, and an exceptional public speaker. With a passion for homeschooling and a gift for connecting with diverse audiences, Paola stands as an unforgettable choice for speaking at your event.

About Paola

Armed with a BA in English education and an MA in curriculum and instruction, both earned with the highest honors from Arizona State University, Paola possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise that shines through her compelling talks. Having spent over a decade as an esteemed English teacher at both the high school and college levels, she effortlessly blends her teaching acumen with a captivating speaking style, leaving every listener spellbound in her very relatable storytelling.

Her groundbreaking project, “Teach Me Health & Homeopathy,” serves as a testament to Paola’s dedication to homeschooling innovation. This comprehensive and engaging homeschool curriculum empowers families to instill true health principles in their children, laying a rock-solid foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life. With her unparalleled ability to convey complex concepts with ease, Paola ensures that every attendee leaves her presentations equipped with actionable insights to enhance their lives.

As the president and founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, Paola has emerged as a fierce advocate for the rights of countless mothers and homeopathy lovers. Her persuasive speaking skills, backed by genuine passion and unwavering dedication, make her an influential force in championing the freedom to choose homeopathy. 

Paola is a compelling voice that resonates with people from all walks of life. In her outstanding congressional briefing before esteemed members of Congress in Washington DC Paola set herself apart as a truly remarkable public speaker. The captivating delivery and compelling content of her briefing left an indelible impression on lawmakers, making her a standout advocate for critical causes.

Beyond her academic achievements and professional endeavors, Paola’s multilingual proficiency in Portuguese and Spanish further enriches her ability to engage with diverse audiences. Her experiences as a health instructor with Care for Life, a nonprofit organization working to develop sustainable communities in Mozambique, have endowed her with a unique perspective on global health issues, broadening the horizons of her speeches with authentic, relatable, and real-world examples.


When Paola takes the stage at your event, prepare to witness a transformative experience, where minds are enlightened, hearts are touched, and audiences are inspired to take action. Her remarkable blend of eloquence, knowledge, and genuine passion makes her an exceptional choice as a featured speaker, guaranteeing an unforgettable and impactful event for all attendees.

Don’t miss the chance to secure Paola Brown as your speaker. Contact us now, and let her electrifying presence elevate your event to new heights!

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