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Do you have what it takes to

Teach Homeopathy?

When I started writing this curriculum, my goal was to spread the knowledge of homeopathy as far as possible. But there’s only so far one person can go! I’m calling for backup. I’m looking for dedicated teachers that can help teach my curriculum to kids and adults alike. You can even get paid to do it. Do you have what it takes?

Rather teach adults? You can do that too!

What is this Book Club all about? It’s about adults connecting with friends and like-minded people who are hungry to get started with homeopathy while also building a foundation that will help you teach your family homeopathy. As you use the Book Club Handbook to read through Evie and the Secret of Small Things, you will find the perfect space to learn about and introduce your friends to some of the most fundamental homeopathy concepts.

Learn more about teaching homeopathy to kids

So many of you are so excited about the world’s first homeopathy curriculum, and now we’ve developed a program so you can lead a group class! Have a passion for homeopathy? We’ll provide you all the resources you need to run an effective group class, virtually or in person. If you are interested in leading a free group class so everyone can save money on materials, without charging for the class, this plan works for you as well!

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Just getting started with Homeopathy? Need a refresher? The Intro to Homeopathy class is the perfect place to start.



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