How to lead a group class using the Health and Homeopathy Curriculum

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How to Teach a Homeopathy Group Class for Kids and Teens!

We are so excited that you are taking the next steps to becoming the best group class teacher you can be! Below, you can find the recording of our webinar!

Note: Even though the original discount mentioned in the replay webinar (below) has passed, if you’re joining us after the recording on February 20, 2021, we still have a special discount waiting for you ONLY available on the webinar page:

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To be clear, we really don’t aim to make a large profit from our group leaders. We prefer to keep a sign up fee that is accessible so that we can get qualified & dedicated group leaders that have some “skin in the game.” We want leaders that are ready to give their students everything they’ve got! While the original discount has ended, we’ve included another special offer for anyone else still hoping to get in on the action!




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Not sure yet? You can read more about what it means to run a group and teach kids about Health and Homeopathy by clicking below. If you’ve made it this far, we think you’d be a great fit!