Where Homeopathy Fails: Why We Can’t Replace Aspirin with Arnica

I love homeopathy. But let’s talk about replacing aspirin with Arnica, and where homeopathy fails. Anyone with even an inkling of an interest in health and wellness will find out soon enough that it is a big business, shrouded in “get healthy quick” fads and advertisements featuring top athletes and super models that glorify all the wrong things: Slim bodies, caloric deficits, hours at the gym, the absence of symptoms, expensive supplements, processed food, protein shakes, and the like. For this reason, health trends often come with very unhealthy consequences. The reality is that true health is neither quick nor superficial, but rather a lifestyle of sound choices steeped in philosophies that have withstood the test of time. This is one of the reasons I love homeopathy: It is based on principles centered around health and vitality. 

When it comes to exercise and training, I’ve been there. I trained for and completed multiple triathlons in my attempts to be the epitome of health–one was even olympic distance. Certainly, I looked the part, but deep down, there were serious problems lurking. I also went through a phase where I literally never got sick. Once, my entire extended family got the flu (this was dozens of people, all coming down with it), and I was the ONLY one who didn’t catch it. While mainstream health and wellness advocates would suggest that was because I was so healthy, that’s wrong. It’s not normal…

The truth was that I was the sickest person of all. There was a growing list of foods I couldn’t digest, I was suffering from multiple autoimmune diseases, and I was miserable. I was not healthy, although by the world’s standards, I was the picture of health–I could have been the cover model for one of those “get healthy quick” advertisements, because the truth is that mainstream health is only skin deep. Beneath the surface, I had a long list of issues that were being suppressed to maintain the veneer of health. Sound familiar? 

When I started to learn about homeopathy, things changed. This is because homeopathy supports real health. It dives deep into the cause of illness and roots it out. It doesn’t promise a “quick fix,” nor does it suppress symptoms. Instead, homeopathy uses our symptoms to guide us to the correct remedy. How enlightened is that? 

Because symptoms are the keys to health and allow the proper “vent” by which symptoms can express, real healing isn’t usually pretty. The process of getting well after years of suppressing symptoms doesn’t make for an attractive social media post! That’s why people often resort to superficial health fads. The choice of real health is a commitment. You have to be willing to combine proper eating habits, terrain theory and homeopathy to heal your body. 

Which gets me to the main point of this blog: To heal with homeopathy, you have to do so much more than replace your aspirin with Arnica. Homeopathy is a lifestyle, it is the pursuit of true health, and that means not chasing the quick fix, or expecting that one remedy can undo a lifetime of poor health choices. While exercise, diet, and homeopathy are important, without strong foundational health knowledge, lasting results come from integrated constitutional care. 

A good example can be found in the work of my friends, Camilla and Jeremy Sherr, who run an amazing clinic in Tanzania, Africa called Health in Africa. A major obstacle they’ve encountered is the outstanding malnourishment and underlying disease, including HIV, in many of their patients. Their terrains are at a deficit. They are not able to respond to homeopathy because their bodies need to heal first. Here in the west, we’re not much different. We abuse our bodies, too. We have plenty of inadequate food available, but it is often not nutrient dense. This is where homeopathy fails: Homeopathy engages the vital force, or terrain, in order to heal. If the vital force is debilitated, there is only so much homeopathy can do. 

If we are to rely on homeopathy to assist us back to health, we need to focus on building our terrain and improving our vitality. Here are three steps that can be taken to get your body truly healthy:

1. Strengthen Your Terrain

  • Good sleep
  • One probiotic rich food in every one of your meals. 
  • Real fats like butter
  • Less toxic relationships
  • Boundaries
  • Time to rest
  • Yes exercise, but not to excess

(And NOTHING strengthens your terrain like Step 2.)

2. Avoiding Superfluous Meds. 

If you spend a decade eating perfectly and nourishing your gut bacteria, even one round of antibiotics eliminates a lifetime of gut flora. Forest land cleared for pasture will take decades to recover. Like the regrowth that happens after bulldozing a forest, getting your gut back to normal after the use of antibiotics takes many years.

3. Assisting your body appropriately when it does get sick. 

That’s where homeopathy shines. Homeopathy isn’t like a drug that takes over and kills infection for you. It uses your own vitality to give your body the information it needs to heal. Remember: HEALTH is not measured by never getting sick or how quickly you can run a mile. Health is measured by how well your body can overcome an illness. And that comes down to creating a healthy terrain. A healthy terrain knows how to use illness to clear out toxins and recover to an even greater level of health. Germs are not the enemy. Homeopathy assists the body in the process of recovery, but it does so by activating your vital force. If your vital force is weak due to years of antibiotics, poor nutrition and stress, homeopathy doesn’t have the basic resources to work with. 

If we neglect our terrain, using homeopathy as a quick fix rather than understanding that it is a system of health that works with the vital force, homeopathy is doomed to fail. It is our responsibility to build our terrain, and that requires adopting a healthy, nourishing lifestyle. When the sound health steps above are embraced, we then have the essential building blocks of health that provide a foundation for homeopathy to work from.

That’s why it takes more than replacing Aspirin with Arnica to reap the benefits of homeopathy. Our vitality and health is the foundation that homeopathy works off. By embracing the concepts of terrain theory and holistic health, we can build a solid foundation for health that will allow us to thrive with homeopathy. 

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