Paola Brown

CEO, Curriculum & Product Development

Usually based in Texas, Paola Brown is a wife, homesteading mama of three, and experienced homeopathy educator whose workshops, classes, and interactive online courses empower other moms and families to incorporate homeopathic principles into their lives.

Trisha Hall


Trisha is a wife and mother of five. She received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Nutrition from Arizona State University. After spending a few years helping to improve school lunches, she discovered that her real love is in numbers and organizing. Her good friend, Paola introduced her to homeopathy in early 2014 and she hasn’t looked back. She loves learning about and helping her family through homeopathy.

Christie Stallings

Marketing Manager/Community Manager

Christie is a homeschooling mom of two, who loves to host get togethers, decorate, and tend to her many farm animals. She loves using homeopathy and teaching others about finding true health.

erin headshot Picture Square Crop

Erin Holbrook

Social Media Graphic Designer

Erin is the social media graphic designer. She also is the graphic designer for the curriculum and many of the other products. Erin has a B.S. in Art Marketing and has been a graphic designer and fine artist for 20 years. She homeschools her son and is very passionate about homeopathy which was life-changing for her after a health crisis. She also enjoys lifting weights, painting, listening to the sounds of nature, and cooking healthy, real food.

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