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Becoming a Book Club Leader:

While you can study this material on your own, we encourage you to form a book club with others who are interested in learning homeopathy. The connections will be a blessing to you. Because this curriculum offers entry-level information about homeopathy, anyone can lead a book club class, regardless of their level of understanding about homeopathy. While all book club members should read the assigned chapters (from the storybook) and lessons (from this handbook), leaders may wish to spend just a bit more time studying each lesson carefully. Know that this handbook is open-and-go, making your job as the discussion leader as easy as possible. Just open to the first lesson, walk your book club through the various items in order, skip bits that may not be pertinent to your book club, discuss, and do! If you’re nervous about being a discussion leader, let your book club members know upfront that while you’re willing to organize the book club, you are a co-learner, learning right alongside your friends. They will be grateful for your openness and efforts!

What are book clubs all about? 

It’s about adults connecting with friends and like-minded people who are hungry to get started with homeopathy while also building a foundation that will help you teach your family homeopathy. As you use the Book Club Handbook to read through Evie and the Secret of Small Things, you will find the perfect space to learn about and introduce your friends to some of the most fundamental homeopathy concepts. If you sign up to become a Book Club Leader, you are taking the role of discussion leader, someone who organizes group meetings, gathers your friends, and prepares the discussions. The Book Club Program  is organized into 8 meeting sessions (i.e. you could meet once a week for 8 weeks). 

About the Book Club Program

Paola’s Book Club has some pretty sweet components to it. 

  1. The novel (required), Evie and the Secret of Small Things, for ages 6-96 is available in 3 formats: An affordable digital audiobook for streaming, the CD version of the audiobook, or the print-version. 
  2. The Book Club Handbook (required), walks you through 8 book club-style classes, teaching you the basic principles of homeopathy; you also get access to over 45 videos in the Online Book Club Area as well as an awesome graduation gift! 
  3. The Family Homeopathy Journal (optional, but recommended) helps you organize important observations for acute and chronic illnesses for up to eight family members, allows you to organize homeopathy notes, keep track of lists like ordering remedies, and doubles as an adult coloring book for a relaxing and meditative experience!

Browse Book Clubs

Many of our classes are private and unlisted, but the following is a listing of Book Clubs that are open for enrollment. We hope you will join in and meet other like-minded people! Please note that some are virtual classes where you meet online while others are tied to a physical location.

04:00 pm (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima on Sundays
Starts: July 28, 2024
Taught By: Marie Brock
Homeopathy Advocate | View Bio »
$$27.00 / student
02:00 pm (GMT -7:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada) on Sundays
Starts: July 28, 2024
Taught By: Karen Hunter
Homeopathy Advocate | View Bio »
$35 / student

Want to Teach a Book Club?

When I first started homeopathy, I remember feeling completely alone. I felt like I was stepping into a whole new way of thinking and I wanted to find support from other like-minded people. I became part of a group of other moms, and we have stayed close friends for years. Now, with this book club program, you can do the same! Our Book Club Leader program is currently free and the online platform we have developed helps you get the necessary tools you need to lead a book club! Have a passion for homeopathy? We’ll provide you all the resources you need to run an effective book club, virtually or in person.

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