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Step Confidently Into Your Role as Your Family's Healer

…with the support of phenomenal homeopaths, powerhouse moms, and soul-sister friends who all unite to become empowered momeopaths®.

The Momeopath® Insider's Circle

Registration is Currently Closed!

🔔 Registration Deadline: Registration is Currently Closed!

🗓 Monthly Schedule: We meet weekly on Monday nights at 7pm Central (8pm Eastern).  

🌱 Newbie Sessions: There will be four 1-hour newbie sessions for new participants on Mondays at 6pm Central (7pm Eastern).

💻 Format: Live interactive classes via Zoom, with handouts and recordings!

📚 Required Materials: Boericke’s Pocket Manual & Materia Medica, access to a printer for printing handouts, access to the internet + computer!

🌷 Special Access to a Professional Homeopathic Pharmacy: Gain privileged entry to a top-tier homeopathic pharmacy after just 3 months, accompanied by an irresistible discount!


Unearth your Innate Healing Potential as a Mother, as a Momeopath®

Who’s Interested In The Momeopath® Insider’s Circle?

I sent out a survey to 41,000 people in our beautiful community, and the results… An astounding 86% of those who responded showed interest in being a part of a monthly membership that provides support and training to use homeopathy to heal their family confidently! I was blown away, to say the least!!! Many mothers have family members who struggle with sickness and who want to find answers, but don’t have the right place to turn or know the right people to trust. 


Let’s change this now! 

Of course, that interest was subject to the membership details like cost. In response to all your interest, I’ve got the details of my new membership on this page. Don’t miss it because enrollment is open only for a few days because there’s no time to waste.

Experts Agree That “Authority Bias”--Used By Medical Profiteers--Is Disempowering Mothers And Hurting Children's Health

  • Have you ever… reached for conventional medications instead of homeopathic remedies when your kiddo’s temperature rises despite your better judgment? Have you hesitated to use homeopathy because you’re not sure it will work and instead use pharmaceuticals even when you know the harmful side effects? If this sounds familiar, I want to give you a hug and let you know it’s not your fault.
  • They push, push push…Doctors, scientists, news channels, commercials, and even the billionaire and politician oligarchs seem to push their conventional meds down our family’s throat creating overwhelming mom-guilt when we go against it.
  • The title wave of pressure from these profiteers is so overwhelming… darkly powerful, and well-crafted that even our friends and family fall in line and repeat a demoralizing chant that subdues our innate nurturing instinct as mothers. It’s isolating and it’s almost impossible to resist this kind of pressure alone as shown by an experiment at Yale University.
  • The experiment revealed that… as many as 92.5% of the participants obeyed an authority figure even when it caused serious harm to another person.


Unfortunately, I feel this authority bias is currently being leveraged to persuade you to use conventional meds that inflict collateral damage, jeopardizing the vibrant health of your little ones. Authority bias is being used to get you to go against your nurturing instincts and forfeit your authority to allow conventional “experts” to make health decisions for your children based on profit. This is sick.  And if you are anything like me, you are sick of it.


Are you ready to say, “No more”? Don’t you feel it’s time??

That’s Why I Created The Momeopath® Insider’s Circle

It’s time that we join together to reclaim our rightful place as our family’s healers, as the paramount authority protecting our childrens’ health.

I believe in mothers. In our power. In our intuition. You don’t have to do it alone. … and we’ll do it together…

Imagine embarking on your healing journey not as a lone traveler, but as part of a sisterhood—an alliance of like-minded mothers who have conquered collateral damage medicine, proudly wielding the transformative power of homeopathy. Each real-time health transformation becomes a beacon, reinforcing the unshakable conviction: “If she achieved it, so can I.” This shared journey cultivates a collective identity, a fortress against profit-driven authorities seeking to dictate our choices.

The genesis of the Momeopath Insider’s Circle stems from this unity, a sanctuary that provides consistent, personal support through carefully selected homeopaths and a vibrant community of Momeopaths. Picture the acceleration of your healing journey and the surge of confidence that arises when combining the unparalleled potency of homeopathy with the boundless nurturing energy shared among hundreds of like-minded mothers, all navigating similar challenges simultaneously.

The plea is simple: resist the urge to shoulder this responsibility in isolation. Join us—let the combined strength of our community alleviate your burdens, no matter how trivial or overwhelming they may seem. I extend my hand, eager to guide you in discovering and harnessing the boundless potential within you.

Your tenacity and love in bringing life into this world, nurturing it, and bravely embracing homeopathy deserve immense admiration. Together, let’s elevate your identity to achieve levels of health and vitality beyond our expectations. With our collective strength, every challenge becomes surmountable.

When we wield this power together, the daunting becomes less so, and fear dissipates. Rest assured with the strength and sisterhood of Momeopaths, countless others, along with myself. We will accompany you every step of the way.

This is the essence of the Momeopath Insider’s Circle—an invitation to break the mold, trust our motherhood instincts over profit-driven influences, and redefine the narrative of the mothers we were meant to be.

Join us now, and together, let’s shake the foundations of this world as we unearth the transformative potential within every mother.


What to Expect From the Membership:

Mother's Guide to Homeopathy (1)

Immediately after you enroll:

You will get your first kickoff videos to start finding your power as a Momeopath®. You'll want to get through this 'start up series' ASAP so you can lay a sure foundation in homeopathy and develop a clear unity as a group. As soon as you're done, you'll start joining us live in our regular, weekly online meetings.

Mother's guide 4

During our weekly sessions:

You can ask me or that month's Visiting Homeopath questions directly as you learn the incredible history of homeopathy hidden in time, get some flowing skills of observing and finding remedies, and get armed with Momeopath skills that help your children and those you care about overcome hurdles to their healing.

Homeopathic Medicines

Access Premium Homeopathic Remedies

Gain privileged entry to a top-tier homeopathic pharmacy after just 3 months, accompanied by an irresistible discount! Elevate your well-being with this exceptional access.

Mother's Guide to Homeopathy (2)

“Hand Picked Homeopath” Answering Your Questions All Month, Every Month

Meet the right homeopath who resonates with your soul, the type of resonation that confirms they can heal your family. With the nature of running my business and my non profit I work with dozens and dozens of highly skilled experts with homeopathy.

I have gotten to know and rub shoulders with homeopath-gems who truly have extraordinary healing abilities, and I will connect you with them personally. I handpick every homeopath featured monthly in our group only after deep contemplation and pondering. And there's no need to take my word for it.

Experience these featured homeopaths' expertise firsthand. The homeopath I feature each month will be actively present in our "Momeopath® Insider's Circle Discussion Group," (that is NOT on Fakebook) answering your questions throughout the month.

Mother's guide Photo website

Week 1: "Mindset Reset" Live Video Conference

Once a Month, I get on a video conference LIVE with you and your fellow Momeopaths® for the dedicated purpose of helping you reach these specific achievements:
√ Find purpose, clarity, and an unmistakable sense of identity as a mother, nurturer, and healer: We'll do this together. As a mom, teacher, and advocate, my mission is to help you embrace homeopathy with confidence, love, and clarity. My power becomes your power. I'm here to guide, support, and walk you through this transformative journey.
√ Break free from toxic norms: Sometimes, we don't even know that what we are doing is making us sick because it has become so normalized. While being sick is common, it’s not normal. I'll help you break free from the mental barriers to free your mind and make being healthy from head to toe the norm. Of course we can’t heal from everything all at once, it’s a journey.
√ Empower your children to become young healers to rise together with you for generational health: That is what TRUE and complete health is all about. How can we ever feel complete about our health without our children’s health in order? I'll show you the inner workings of how I’m progressing on this complete health transformation with my children, and then I’ll work with you to become unstoppable, reversing the irreversible, harnessing the power of your inner healer, and getting inspired by seeing results in others and yourself to gain more momentum with confidence.
√ Set the path to be able to heal beyond comprehension: We'll do this by helping you get through fears or objections. Sometimes, our minds, beliefs, and conditioning limit us from healing, so a big part of our Heart and Mind Reset will be to help you break free and breakthrough to make a path for healing beyond what you would otherwise expect or possibly even allow.

Mother's Guide to Homeopathy (3)

Weeks 2 & 3: Confidence Clinic & Symptom Solver Series Live Video Conference

Twice a month, together with that month's hand-picked-homeopath, I go LIVE with your fellow Momeopath® members to help you “Heal and Flourish” one week with the Confidence Clinic, and the next week in the Symptoms Solver Session. In these sessions, we will show you exactly how to observe symptoms, find homeopathic remedies, apply them, adjust when needed, and learn how to trust your gut. We'll practice using homeopathy for acutes, and you'll see others doing it. It will give you the confidence you need to apply remedies even in critical situations. We will take live questions, go through live cases of those struggling with illness, observe symptoms, uncover remedies, and show the miraculous outcomes in real-time, without scripting or editing.

5Momeopath Sales Page Icons

Week 4a: “Remedy Resonance” Live Video Workshop Twice a Quarter

Getting that right remedy is like hitting the jackpot. The results are truly miraculous and beyond description, sometimes with positive or even transformational results almost immediately!

With "Remedy Resonance," we don't leave making great strides with your loved ones when they are sick up to chance.

Twice a quarter, we'll arm you with the featured homeopathic remedies of the month that will be like owning your own dictionary of remedies in your head.

Knowing these remedies and their keynotes BEORE dire emergencies is absolutely critical. Of course, it is important to call emergency services in critical situations, but there is much good you can do while you wait for help, and this can leave you with only minutes, if not seconds, to help.

6Momeopath Sales Page Icons

Week 4b: "Rebel Momeopath®” Live Interactive Panel Once per Quarter

Once a quarter, we'll invite a group of experienced Momeopaths® on a panel to showcase their stories and open up the panel to questions for the purpose of: √ Giving you resolute confidence in your ability as a healer for your family, even amidst the natural doubts and fears... Homeopathy is sometimes spectacular when done right with the combination of phenomenal homeopaths and powerhouse mothers. As you witness the first hand successes of other mothers, your confidence in the profound power of the infinitely small will grow, empowering you to harness it for your family's well-being. √ Come to expect incredibly transformational results You'll see the spark in the eyes of your fellow Momeopaths® and the vitality that comes from freeing the body of collateral damage from conventional medicine. √ Becoming united and getting strength in numbers The world pushes constant pressure of toxicity in our lives. The Rebel Momeopath® Live Panel is about pushing back by linking arms together with mothers who are getting stronger and stronger and raising the next generation of toxic-free children who will have all the advantages. You'll also be able to interact with other Momeopaths® and the featured homeopath of the month on the dedicated Insider's Circle Facebook page.

7Momeopath Sales Page Icons

Impromptu: "Healing Huddle" Live Video Conference As Needed

On an as-needed-basis, we'll have a “Healing Huddle” for the sole purpose of Helping you and your family know what to do when the next strand of who knows what comes around. We'll help you do this by keeping you in the loop of what the top-tier homeopaths and leaders in the community are discovering about health and homeopathy and meet with you to discuss things we might not be able to discuss without our tight knit community and private communication channels. We'll discuss matters that nobody should miss out on.

8Momeopath Sales Page Icons

Every Month: “Heal Thy Self” Printables

Full Blown, Beautiful, Printable Remedy "Recipes" from the Monthly Featured Remedies
Each month, you'll get guides from modern homeopaths that go through the logistic pragmatics of remedy selection, like what happens if you get a cold, ear infection, or tummy ache and what you need to know to take a case in the middle of the night, on your own. The longer you are a member, the more you will build this fantastic portfolio of symptom-specific remedies that will be your best friend in the middle of the storm–when the internet is down, when there’s nobody else but you, your books and your printouts.

What people are saying about this program:


This membership is crafted for mothers,  grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, from beginners to seasoned learners–regardless of their stage in the homeopathy journey. If you’re a mom who feels in her gut that there is a better, more powerful holistic way to heal and nurture your children, this is for you. 

Moms who don’t have kids, please join. We want to help you find your personal power too. 

Included in your membership is also a ‘newbie’ series that gets you on the same page with everyone else. 

We are all currently in our health transformation, and we will enhance and accelerate that transformation by combining the power of moms and homeopathy no matter what level you are currently at. 

Remember, often hope itself is the first step of healing.

If you’re pondering whether this membership aligns with your needs, reflect on your current practices. If you feel your current practices aren’t delivering the desired results and you have that glimmer of hope – that courage – to step out of your comfort zone for something potentially transformative, then this space is the sanctuary you’ve been searching for.

We’ve got you covered. Monthly materials will be available to you for the duration of your membership. You can access content recorded during your membership to catch up or revisit topics.

Yes! However, as of now there is not a confirmed reopening date. Be sure to stay subscribed as we will send out email notifications and text alerts in advance when it does reopen.

Yes, you can cancel your monthly membership anytime by contacting us on the web page at info@paolabrown.com. Your last payment will give you access to the duration you’ve paid for, and your card will no longer be charged.

I don’t anticipate this in any way. I firmly believe you will be more satisfied than you imagine. Yet, I offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind. That means if you are unsatisfied, we’ll refund your payment.

No, it is not. Homeopathy is a form of natural medicine. Just as traditional/conventional medicine is not confused with religion, homeopathy should not be either. Homeopathic medicine is founded upon science, and is rooted in the first principle of science: observation. 

While I am a Christian, I intend to speak from the heart positively and invitingly. I may sometimes touch on religious principles that I’ve found true about trusting your gut/inner voice and realizing your limitless potential. Always willing to share my most personal thoughts, I will sometimes share how her faith has influenced me and my family’s healing journey. However, that’s my belief and is not part of the core program. I imagine any mother and her family, regardless of their background, can enjoy this and be a part of this very understanding and diverse community.

I will introduce you to several independent homeopaths that I trust. You can decide to work with whomever you resonate with the most with chronic conditions. I do not recommend trying to heal chronic conditions without a homeopath.  Sometimes, chronic conditions masquerade as an acute manifestation of a chronic problem, and while we will teach you acute remedies, we will help prep you for the maximum healing, give you skills on how to work with a homeopath, provide you with support and motivation, help you learn how to get your kids involved in their healing to see the life transformational training, teach you how to use your gut instinct, help you realize your full potential as a healer mother and help you recognize your role, and so much more which are so critical into the total health transformation that is coming your way. 

It’s not for women who are offended by realizing their greatness or unwilling to try.  Also, it’s not for women who want something for nothing and can be distractors.

No, the Momeopath Insider Circle is a monthly membership. Canceling your membership will result in the loss of access to the membership area and content. You will retain access through the period of payment until your next charge date.

When you rejoin the membership, you will have access to the most recent content and all content moving forward from your join date. Previous content can be purchased for $ a session.

Unlock the Power of TRUE Health & Homeopathy for Your Family

ALL recorded classes remain available for you to access forever!

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