Get paid to teach the Health and Homeopathy curriculum to a group

Important note: You are on the Group Club Leader page, especially for leading groups of students grades 1-12 through Paola’s curriculum, Teach Me Health and Homeopathy. If you’d like to lead a homeopathy class for adults, click here.

So many of you are so excited about the world’s first homeopathy curriculum, and now we’ve developed a program so you can lead a group class! Have a passion for homeopathy? We’ll provide you all the resources you need to run an effective group class, virtually or in person. If you are interested in leading a free group class so everyone can save money on materials, without charging for the class, this plan works for you as well!

Endorsed by the Academy of Homeopathy Education

Created by the president and CO-founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice

Brought to you in Part by Washington Homeopathic Products

How we can teach homeopathy together

We are so excited to have introduced the world’s first homeopathy curriculum. Created by Paola Brown, the president of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, this groundbreaking literature-based curriculum introduces kids to homeopathy in a meaningful and colorful way. Using a literature-based, one-room schoolhouse approach, Teach Me Health and Homeopathy will give your kids a health toolkit they will always remember, and use for a lifetime.

Our ultimate goal is to bring the healing power of homeopathy to the next generation, and there’s only so much we can do by ourselves. We’re looking to equip group leaders to teach the homeopathy course.

Benefits of teaching a group class

Get paid for each student who takes your course

Each student who signs up can pay you a fee to take the course. You can keep 100% of this fee (minus the nominal processing fee), and we’ll take care of payment processing. Of course, you don’t have to charge a fee to your students, that’s up to you!

Make a commission on curriculum and other homeopathy products

Your students will need to own curriculum books and materials to participate in a group class. You can offer a one-time, special wholesale discount to your class while also earning commission.The larger your class, the greater the discount. See more info in the FAQs!

Easily set up a custom website for your class

Your custom website includes a sign-up page where you can accept new members, a shop where you can offer materials to your students at discounted group pricing, and information and announcements for your members to see.

Use step-by-step, turnkey teaching guides & resources

You can customize your class as much as you want, but we’ve created a step-by-step teacher’s guide and sample syllabus. All you have to do to lead a successful class is follow the steps.

Create a vibrant homeopathy community for your students

Your class website can include a secure discussion board for your students and co-leaders to talk. Collaborating with others is key and a wonderful part of our community...we'd love for you to join us!

Get support to help you teach effectively

Access a discussion board just for group class leaders to strategize and share resources. Our teaching materials will guide you every step of the way—but we will check in with you regularly to make sure you have everything you need.

Benefits for your students

Each of your students can purchase the Teach Me Health and Homeopathy curriculum at a one-time, group discount when they sign up for the class. In addition, your students have a discussion board where they can talk about the course, a detailed syllabus to help them understand the information, and resources that can be shared by all the group classes. Your students can also tune in to regular video check-ins with Paola Brown, creator of the curriculum, where they can connect to the larger homeopathy community and ask questions.

How do leader payments, commissions, and signups work?

To help with our administrative costs, we charge $115 / year to be a Group Class leader. However, your return on investment is fantastic. There are two ways you can cover your costs (and earn some money too!)—enrollment fees and product commissions.

Enrollment fees go 100% to you, and you can charge any amount you like

You can charge anything you want for your class. If you’re following our 16-week model (with two 8-week cycles), we recommend around $50 per 8-week cycle (so, $100 per student for the entire course). But of course, you can charge more or less. If you use our online system to process payments, our credit card processor will take just the standard nominal processing fee. Think about it this way: if you have 10 students, you can make $1,000 from teaching the class on average, not counting processing fees.

Offer wholesale pricing to your students while you earn a commission

Your students will need to buy materials for your course, and we have prepared a Group Class Bundle for each family to purchase (there will be other items available for purchase as well). At full price, this bundle costs $196 (plus additional workbooks for families with more than one child, but depending on how many students you sign up, your students and families can receive between 10-30% off of the Group Work Bundle, and you can make commissions as well.) The larger your group class, the more you make & they save! Fill out the Group Leader registration form to learn more.

How the process works

1. Register to be a group leader

Fill out the Group Leader registration form. As soon as it's been submitted, you'll be able to begin setting up your group class! We're so excited for you to get started. Let's do this!

2. Buy your copy of the curriculum

So you can familiarize yourself with the material, we’ll send the Group Leader a coupon to buy a copy of the full curriculum bundle at 40% off. If you already have a copy of the curriculum, you can skip this step!
(This coupon is only for the group leader and cannot be transferred to someone else. Sorry!)

3. Create your signup page and set your wholesale discount & commission rate

Set up your custom signup page. You can write your own copy, add images, introduce yourself, advertise your class, set your student's wholesale discount and your default commission percentage (how much discount to pass to your students versus how much to take as commission on the materials ordered.) Read more in the FAQ

4. Recruit your students to increase your group buy percentage

The number of people who join your class increases the amount you can work with as a commission or discount. Once you’ve enrolled all your students, you’ll be ready to activate Group Buy.

5. Send your students a link to buy the curriculum

Depending on the commission settings you’ve selected and the number of students you’ve recruited, your students will get a group discount.

6. Prepare your curriculum materials

We’ll give you the resources to follow step-by-step instructions to teach the class, but you can customize your syllabus and class material as much as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Group Leader, you can run on any schedule within the school year, and you can make your own syllabus. However, our suggested syllabus runs on two 8-week cycles (typically) starting sometime in the Fall semester.

You can teach the Homeopathy Group Class to any grade level, or even to adults. The curriculum is designed to have three levels available: Grades 1-3, Grades 4-8, and Grades 9-12.

However, the only thing different between these grade levels is the student workbook. So, you can easily teach mixed grade levels with a one-room-schoolhouse approach. Keep in mind that if you teach Level 1 (grades 1-3) in online format, heavy parental involvement is required, and you will want to communicate this with families. 

You can use any virtual video conference software to conduct your group class. We’ll provide instructions for using Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or many other video platforms. Just create a meeting room in any of these video softwares and put the link into your Group Settings dashboard. You can also use a different link for each class session. Also, keep in mind that if you are teaching Level I students (Grades 1-3), you will need to secure parental involvement early on so that they can assist students during the online class. 

Absolutely not! Kids should never handle medical treatment on their own. But similar to teaching a student about chemical reactions, gravity, and the world around them, this curriculum aims to teach them truths and laws that govern health with particular emphasis on homeopathy. We want kids to feel empowered to become healthier and to know about homeopathic medicine in a meaningful way, but we make sure they do not treat any ailment or injury until they are adults. Please see the disclaimer in each of the curriculum books.

If a group of you want to participate in the group discounts, but not lead a class, that’s okay! You still need to select a group leader who pays the $100 application fee (perhaps you can divide this cost among your group), and he/she can set up the wholesale shop for your group.

As the Group Leader, you can open group buy for one week total.  When all your families have enrolled and are ready to purchase course materials, you will activate Group Buy in your leader profile.  Once it is activated, your students can purchase the curriculum at the applicable discounted rate for your class size and settings.  Once Group Buy ends, pricing for new members will go back up to the regular rate. 

As a Group Leader, you will be able to offer your students wholesale group pricing up to 30% off, while also having the opportunity to earn a commission. The larger your group, the greater the discount/commission:

  • 5+ families
  • 10+ families
  • 15+ families

Group Leaders will receive details on exactly how this wholesale discount & commission plan works when they receive their welcome packet (after their application is approved).

To help with our administrative costs, we charge $100 / year to be a Group Class leader. Because we have designed this program to bless you and your students, you should be able to cover your costs (and earn money!) when you teach a class.  You are blessing lives by teaching this homeopathy curriculum, and you get to take part in helping our global homeopathy community grow!

If you teach every year but would like to skip a year and still receive instructor resources, you can put your membership on hold for $20 / year. 

And remember! Group Leaders who have not yet purchased the curriculum get a special 40% off coupon to help them purchase. (This coupon is only for the group leader and cannot be transferred to someone else. Sorry!)

No! You can educate people about homeopathy no matter how experienced or credentialed you are. All you need to teach the Teach Me Health & Homeopathy curriculum is a willing spirit, ready to put in the time and follow our step-by-step guides. Also, thanks to the careful review and endorsement from the Academy of Homeopathy Education, you can lead your class with confidence, knowing the information you’re sharing is of the highest quality.

Ready to become a leader?

You don’t need to be a homeopath or health professional. All you need is a passion for homeopathy and the willingness to follow our step-by-step guides so that you can bring the power of homeopathy to your community. Get started with our Group Leader Registration Form today, or ask us a question.