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What's the Evie Kit?

1 in every 4 kids are living with chronic illness, and you may not even know it. I developed a program to help moms like you ditch big pharma, help your family realize true health, and thrive. In my literature-based curriculum, Teach Me Health and Homeopathy, the main storybook introduces your entire family to the curious and clever little girl named Evie and her grandmother, Annette. Join Evie on her journey to learn about 19 different homeopathic remedies.

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Learn 19 Homeopathic Remedies

  • Aconitum napellus 30c: Used when symptoms come on suddenly from pain, fright, or cold wind exposure.
  • Allium cepa 30c: Used for hayfever or colds with profuse runny nose or watery eyes.
  • Apis mellifica 30c: Used for hives, very large swelling, itching, and stinging.
  • Arnica Montana 30c: Used for bumps, bruises and injuries of all kinds.
  • Arsenicum album 30c: Used for various symptoms with weakness alternating with restlessness, digestive distress.
  • Belladonna 30c: Used for high fevers and red, hot, throbbing symptoms.
  • Bryonia alba 30c: When rest feels better and motion feels worse, thirst, dry coughs.
  • Cantharis 30c: For bladder infections, and burns of any kind that are violent, acute, scalding, or raw.
  • Carbo veg 30c: Used for emergencies where there is blue coloring, pale, puffy face, exhaustion, collapse, or fainting.
  • Causticum 30c: Used for symptoms with burning, rawness, and soreness; burns that are slow to heal, dry coughs, and bladder conditions.
  • Hypericum 30c: Is indicated for shooting, sharp and extreme pain in nerves with sensitivity to touch.
  • Ledum pasture 30c: Indicated for puncture wounds made by sharp points, as in a bee sting or from an animal bite.
  • Natrum muriaticum 30c: Excellent remedy for the common cold and when there’s great thirst and an egg-white-like runny nose.
  • Nux vomica 30c: Indicated for situations of overwork, irritation, impatient, and too many stimulants like coffee or alcohol.
  • Rhus tox 30c: For fluid-filled blisters, itchy rashes, joint pain and symptoms improved with heat.
  • Silicea 30c: Silicea is often used to help push out foreign things like a splinter, painful sore throats or ear infections with smelly discharge.
  • Staphysagria 30c: Slow healing of knife-like cuts, honeymoon cystitis, or symptoms from suppressed anger.
  • Symphytum 30c: For sprains or injuries in the joints, tendons, and bones, especially broken bones.
  • Urtica urens 30c: Indicated for hives with itching and burning; also good for acute allergic reaction to food, causing an itching and crawling sensation.
  • Apis mellifica 200c: This stronger potency may be helpful in more serious allergic reactions.

Coupon: TEACHKIDS & get $25 off your kit and 15% off all Ollois products!

Storybook Novel: Evie & the Secret of Small Things

Teach Me Health and Homeopathy

Are you guilty of panicking every time your child gets a fever? Or have you freaked out when your kid had an accident? Well in Paola’s beloved curriculum, Teach Me Health and Homeopathy, your family will learn about the top 19 remedies that have a wide span of uses from accidents to fevers and more. Our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves and homeopathic medicines stimulate your natural ability to heal! I have loads of free gifts that can get you started. Start here!

Generations of HEALTH

PRO TIP: It is not enough to raise your kids in a holistic lifestyle. You need to intentionally teach them the principles of TRUE health while they are in your home–ensuring that you have a healthy family for generations to come. 

Do you want your kids to simply be healthy while they are under you roof or do you want them to carry your hard-earned lessons into adulthood, passing it on to their kids and your great-grandkids!

Paola’s approach is to do whole-family learning, and there is something for everyone: 

  • Intro to Homeopathy- A perfect primer!
  • Pre-K & Kindergarten Primer
  • Curriculum for Grades 1-12 (one-room Schoolhouse model)
  • Book Club especially for Adults 
  • Homeopathy Heroes Card Game



Imagine this...

Imagine if your family can live each day without fear of illness, thriving to your full potential, you ditch big pharma crutches and you stand on your own two feet with your health. When illness blows through your house, you get over it quickly and beautifully. Less time worrying about germs and prescription refills and spend that extra time going on family bike rides, walks, vacations. Less time missing work and school. Less time playing debate with your doctor and more time baking and doing crafts with your kids.