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🌼 Exploring Homeopathy & Colostrum Links: Ever considered homeopathy’s connection with colostrum? Discover how they combine for YOUR benefit.

🐄 Bovine Advantage: Why Cow Colostrum? Unveil the power of cow colostrum for YOUR health journey. We simplify the info YOU need.

🐮 Calves & Colostrum… Truth Revealed: Wonder about calf impact? We answer, giving YOU clear insights.

🥛 Farm to You: Ever thought about local dairy sources? We’ve got YOUR answer.

🥴 Worried about lactose: We Support YOU! Rest assured, we cater to YOU.

⏳ Colostrum’s Journey: We will tell you about the collection and the process!

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🗓️ Date: Monday, September 18th
⏰ Time: 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain
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About the colostrum Paola uses:

Ok, so I started taking bovine colostrum 7 years ago; this was before I had learned about the fullness of homeopathy. All my research pointed to the benefits of colostrum and how it had the ability to educate the immune system. This made perfect sense to me, and after I learned about homeopathy, I saw so many similarities. 

But, what I didn’t realize is that homeopathy and colostrum can work together, and quite well! Let me tell you a bit about my friend, Rose.

Opposite to my experience, my friend Rose came to homeopathy first, then later she found whole food colostrum. Rose also felt that the ideas of educating the immune system made sense to her. She knew that homeopathy worked, and she recommended it to many of her friends, seeing them flourish under this medicine. Unfortunately, Rose wasn’t responding well to homeopathy. She used classical homeopathy and she even tried other forms, but she just wouldn’t respond well or at all to homeopathic medicine.  

Then she gave bovine colostrum a try. The results were amazing, and we’re going to discuss it in my upcoming free webinar.

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