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Together with Evie, students and entire families will become enveloped in a rich story, where 8-year old Evie becomes her Grandmother Annette’s shadow, curiously investigating principles found in natural health and, of course, homeopathy. The story and its lovely watercolor illustrations give value to what goes in and on the body — whether in sickness or in health. Educator Charlotte Mason once said it is important to educate the whole child, not just the mind, and stories have a special way of engaging the learner’s heart, soul, and mind, impacting the whole child. And so, because story is a powerful teacher, the narrative in this book is a wonderful way of engaging students in the world of homeopathy and natural health. Evie and the Secret of Small Things is the foundation of the Teach Me Health and Homeopathy curriculum, boasting over 250 pages of resonant and engaging language that will bring together the entire family … from ages 6 to 96. And if parents or teachers are new to homeopathy, this book offers an opportunity to learn about homeopathy right alongside their children!

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