Terrain Theory

How can you teach your children to trust their body, especially when it seems that so many around us (or even ourselves) are getting sick? There is a path to regaining trust, and it begins with the powerful and unforgettable Terrain Theory. 

Terrain Theory

Too many parents are afraid to simply trust their body or their children’s bodies and ditch OTC medications. In one of Paola’s most popular videos from her curriculum Teach Me Health and Homeopathy, you and your children can learn about what we can do to empower your body so that we don’t need to fear disease. It’s all about the terrain! 

Generations of HEALTH

PRO TIP: It is not enough to raise your kids in a holistic lifestyle. You need to intentionally teach them the principles of TRUE health while they are in your home–ensuring that you have a healthy family for generations to come. 

Do you want your kids to simply be healthy while they are under you roof or do you want them to carry your hard-earned lessons into adulthood, passing it on to their kids and your great-grandkids!

Paola’s approach is to do whole-family learning, and there is something for everyone: 

  • Intro to Homeopathy- A perfect primer!
  • Pre-K & Kindergarten Primer
  • Curriculum for Grades 1-12 (one-room Schoolhouse model)
  • Book Club especially for Adults 
  • Homeopathy Heroes Card Game



Imagine this...

Imagine if your family can live each day without fear of illness, thriving to your full potential, you ditch big pharma crutches and you stand on your own two feet with your health. When illness blows through your house, you get over it quickly and beautifully. Less time worrying about germs and prescription refills and spend that extra time going on family bike rides, walks, vacations. Less time missing work and school. Less time playing debate with your doctor and more time baking and doing crafts with your kids.

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