Storybook: Evie and the Secret of Small Things – (Physical Book)




This is the storybook from the Teach Kids Health and Homeopathy curriculum. Check out the rest of the curriculum bundle here.

Evie Brown and her giant family of twenty-eight aunts and uncles and oodles of cousins are excited about the grand family reunion and Christmas holidays, but everything is brought to a halt when they all come down with a nasty stomach bug and fever … the Brown Plague, they grimly joke. But to Evie, one person stands out from the crowd: Grandma Annette. Grandma recovers sooner than anyone else and has some clever healing secrets tucked away in her purse, and Evie wants to know more about these secrets, especially homeopathy. Evie—intensely curious, full of questions, and eager to learn—shadows her grandmother who does her best to teach Evie and her grandchildren all she knows. She tells them about the bitter feud between Antoine Bechamp and Louis Pasteur, and she introduces them to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathic medicine. But when Grandma’s visit comes to an end, Evie is disappointed. Who would teach her about all the different homeopathic remedies? As winter melts away and brings budding flowers and chirping birds, it also brings a special visitor who reveals the seeds of truth about nineteen different homeopathic remedies.

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