Access your "sneak peak" resources below!

There are 3 free resource “sneak peaks” that will be available to you over the next few weeks leading up to the book club launch. Below, you’ll find a download link for each of them. We’ll send an email every time a new item is available!

The Family Homeopathy Journal (optional, but recommended)

helps you organize important observations for acute and chronic illnesses for up to eight family members, allows you to organize homeopathy notes, keep track of lists like ordering remedies, and doubles as an adult coloring book for a relaxing and meditative experience!

The novel (required), Evie and the Secret of Small Things​

for ages 6-96–is available in 3 formats: An affordable digital audiobook for streaming, the CD version of the audiobook, or the print-version. 

The Book Club Handbook (required)

walks you through 8 book club style classes, teaching you the basic principles of homeopathy; you also get access to over 45 videos in the Online Book Club Area as well as an awesome graduation gift!

Preview the Book Club Class:

Book clubs are intended for you and your friends gather and host this intro-to-homeopathy as a group. However, Paola recently lead the first book club class, to give you a feel for what the program is like. Sign up for your free samples before August 15th and you’ll get instant access to the first book club class.

Ready to dive in?

Get early access to all the materials! Whenever you’re ready, you can purchase the book club materials and get started! You can join Paola for the first two sessions, then go solo, start your own book club, or join someone else’s book club through the book club portal once you’re in!

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