A Christian Perspective on Homeopathy with Gerard Bocquee




As many of my students and followers know, I am a woman of Faith.

I often begin my classes with an opening prayer, and I have a testimony in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Redeemer. The more I learned about homeopathy, the more I began to feel like this system of medicine works in harmony with principles in the Bible. Then I read Gerard Bocquee’s book “God is a Homeopath” and I felt a lot of what he discusses in his book resonated with my feelings. Join me as I hold a discussion with Gerard about his musings regarding homeopathy and faith.

Note: Homeopathy is not a religion; it is a science based form of medicine.  It is Federally recognized as a Drug in the USA and backed by thousands of research papers, studies and clinical trials. But what I love about this medicine is that it works in harmony with nature–not against it–and to me, it works together with the principles of faith.


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