Sore Throat & Tonsillitis Workshop


In this class, Paola talks about which homeopathic remedies have a history of uprooting sore throat/tonsillitis infections as well as other common throat illnesses such as laryngitis and general sore throats.  She also reviews at-home testing that helps you look over your doctor’s shoulder as he/she diagnoses your condition.


Last time Paola took antibiotics, her visit to the Mayo Clinic confirmed that the drugs triggered an autoimmune disease in her. This was her second auto immune condition, and she was in even more constant, chronic suffering.  When she came down with a significant sore throat and tonsillitis a short while later, she was very concerned about what another round of antibiotics would do to her.  Fortunately, when she got sore throat/tonsillitis she was working with a homeopath.  Paola felt strongly that she shouldn’t take the antibiotics for her infection, but uprooting the sore throat and tonsillitis turned out to be a formidable challenge.  While homeopathy did indeed uproot her acute illness, and while she did not end up taking antibiotics for the infection, her journey was wrought with mistakes and profound lessons.  Her story tells a powerful message: that when the correct homeopathic remedy is chosen, it can be a mighty medicine.  Since then, many of Paola’s acquaintances and students reach out to her for her thoughts on throat infections/tonsillitis .  This workshop is a culmination of those lessons and experiences.  Paola possesses a deep understanding of the power of story and how this can ignite a deeper learning of any concept, and she channels the power of her experiences to enrich this workshop:

  • She walks you through some of the top homeopathic protocols from homeopaths all over the world on the subject of throat infections.
  • Reviews a ‘Hit List’ of other popular remedies that homeopaths use to uproot sore throat/tonsillitis . She also reviews a ‘Hit List’ of her own hand-picked favorite remedies.
  • Outlines a homeopathic flow chart that she uses when she analyses a sore throat/tonsillitis case.
  • Sore throat/tonsillitis is closely related to other complications, such as rheumatic fever and scarlet fever. Paola reviews information from several medical text books and reflects on details regarding these illnesses as well as homeopathic remedies that have a history of uprooting these illnesses.
  • Defines and examines homeopathic remedies for other related conditions such as generalized sore throat, laryngitis, and even mononucleosis (mono, the kissing disease which is often misdiagnosed as certain types of tonsillitis).
  • Discusses PANDAS, as this is closely related to one type of throat infection. In this segment of the lesson, she interviews Mr. Grant Bentley, a homeopath based out of Australia who specializes in PANDAS.
  • Discusses how you can  ‘look over your doctor’s shoulder’ when he/she diagnoses a certain type of throat infection by doing an at-home test. This includes an overview and recorded demonstration of how to use the at home-test kit.

Required Course Materials:

  • Computer with internet access,
  • Printer–you must print the hand outs (you will be filling in essential answers as you take the course),
  • Optional: A notebook to keep notes
  • Please join my private FB Group and connect with others who have taken the class.

Finally, it is our highest priority that your learning experience is a positive one. Please do contact us via email if you have any helpful comments that can make your learning experience better:



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