Homegrown UTI/Cystitis Workshop


In this class, Paola talks about which homeopathic remedies have a history of uprooting bladder infections.  She also looks at at-home testing that helps you look over your doctor’s shoulder as he diagnoses your condition.


Paola likes to say that she is the reigning queen of UTI’s and cystitis.  This isn’t necessarily a coveted monarchy, but she has learned a lot about bladder infections and is ever-willing to share what she has learned with others.  In this workshop, Paola will share her experience with cystitis.  Paola possesses a deep understanding of the power of story and how this can ignite deeper learning of any concept, and she channels the power of her experiences to enrich this workshop. She focuses on:

  • How you can  ‘look over your doctor’s shoulder’ when they diagnose a UTI. This includes an overview of several of the parameters on a typical urinalysis test trip, as per the books referenced.*
  • Summary of the top homeopathic protocols from homeopaths all over the world on the subject of urinary infections, She examines over 11 different books (both homeopathic and medical) and both summarizes and simplifies her findings on this subject.
  • A brief and essential overview of the anatomy of the female urinary tract.  She explains how understanding this anatomy helps one identify appropriate homeopathic remedies (which have a history of addressing infections of the urinary tract).
  • Paola condenses the top homeopathic remedies that have a history of addressing bladder infections and provides citations for each of her items, She also includes comprehensive, printable handouts that you will be able to reference for years to come.
  • Enrolled students get access to the private FB page of alumni students who have taken this course!

Course Materials:

  • Computer with internet access,
  • Printer–you must print the handouts (you will be filling in essential answers as you take the course),
  • Optional: A notebook to keep notes.
  • Join the FB Group meant only for students in this class.
    • Please remember that Paola has created a special Facebook group specifically for the students in this class. You should be a part of that group by now, but if not, this is how you join: (a) Log into Facebook and, search for ‘UTI/Cystitis Using Homeopathy,’ (b) request to join that group. (c) You will be approved once your enrollment has been verified (allow up to 3 business days for this to get done, and (d) please reach out via email if you’re not getting access:

Finally, it is our highest priority that your learning experience is a positive one. Please do contact us via email if you have any helpful comments that can make your learning experience better:


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